How The Meal Comparison Engine Prototype Works
  • To show relevant meals, filter by choosing the vendor i.e.Yo Sushi, McDonald's and/or by typing keywords into the search box.
  • To add a meal to the comparison chart click in the "Add To Compare" box next to the meal and then scroll up and select "Compare Selected". A maximum of 5 items can be added to the comparison chart.
Accuracy of Meal Comparison Engine Data
  • Meal data from retailers can change frequently so the most up to date product details are not available at this time. However, we are developing a real-time dynamic meal comparison engine which will be launched in 2020 containing up to date information.

Comparison Engine

  • Filters
  Name Description Category Vendor Price
Salt & Vinegar Crunchy Sticks

Packs of salt and vinegar crunchy sticks.

Fast Food Greggs
Cheese Puffs Soft pillows of cheesy bliss. Fast Food Greggs
Naked Nuts

Mixed almonds, cashew nuts and walnut pieces all in one pack.

Fast Food Greggs
Tropical Fruits

Pieces of dried mango, dried pineapple and dried coconut chips.

Fast Food Greggs
Smoky BBQ Crunch

A mix of barbecue flavour puffed chickpeas, roasted spicy corn, roasted salted broad beans, roasted sweet chilli flavour peas all coated in barbecue flavour seasoning.

Fast Food Greggs
Thai Sweet Chilli Hand Cooked Crisps

Hand cooked thai sweet chilli crisps.

Fast Food Greggs
Cheese and Onion Bake

Cheese and onion bake with rich and creamy cheese and chopped onion.

Fast Food Greggs
Bacon and Cheese Wrap

Unsmoked back bacon and tangy cheddar cheese in a big, golden puff pastry hug.

Fast Food Greggs £1.65
Sausage Roll

Seasoned sausage meat wrapped in layers of crisp, golden puff pastry.

Fast Food Greggs £1.75
Steak Bake

Golden puff pastry parcel with diced cuts of prime beef in a rich and tasty gravy.

Fast Food Greggs
Chicken Bake

Chicken breast pieces in a rich and creamy white sauce, wrapped in a golden puff pastry.

Fast Food Greggs
Sausage, Bean and Cheese Bake

Baked beans, sausage meatballs and melted cheese.

Fast Food Greggs
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