How The Meal Comparison Engine Prototype Works
  • To show relevant meals, filter by choosing the vendor i.e.Yo Sushi, McDonald's and/or by typing keywords into the search box.
  • To add a meal to the comparison chart click in the "Add To Compare" box next to the meal and then scroll up and select "Compare Selected". A maximum of 5 items can be added to the comparison chart.
Accuracy of Meal Comparison Engine Data
  • Meal data from retailers can change frequently so the most up to date product details are not available at this time. However, we are developing a real-time dynamic meal comparison engine which will be launched in 2020 containing up to date information.

Comparison Engine

  • Filters
  Name Description Category Vendor Price
Prawn Gyoza Dumplings packed with tasty chunks of prawn & vegetables, served with a soy vinegar dipping sauce. Fast Food Yo Sushi
Tenderstem and Sesame

Steamed tenderstem broccoli, served on rich sesame sauce.

Fast Food Yo Sushi
Tofu Katsu

Crispy tofu in crispy panko, served on shredded cabbage and drizzled with tonkatsu sauce.

Fast Food Yo Sushi
Pumpkin Katsu Curry Sweet, crispy bites of Japanese pumpkin with mild curry sauce, pickles, spring onion & steamed rice. Fast Food Yo Sushi
Japanese Cheesecake

Japanese soufflé cheesecake, topped with a salted caramel sauce.

Fast Food Yo Sushi
Tuna Mayo Roll Poached yellofin tuna with cucumber, red onion & garlic mayo, rolled in chives. Fast Food Yo Sushi
Inari Taco
  • Suitable for Vegans

Golden tofu pockets filled with rice, avocado, ponzu salsa & vegan sriracha mayo.

Fast Food Yo Sushi £1.90
Crunchy California Roll

Surimi and avocado roll topped with mayo, teriyaki & crunchy onion.

Fast Food Yo Sushi £3.40
Fresh Fruit Plate A refreshing mix of grapes, watermelon, pineapple & strawberries. Fast Food Yo Sushi £3.40
Ginza Roll

Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, chives & arenkha caviar topped with teriyaki, sriracha & mayo.

Fast Food Yo Sushi
Chicken and Tangerine Salad

Sweet and spicy glazed chicken and tangerine salad, served with coriander & a maple soy dressing.

Fast Food Yo Sushi
Popcorn Shrimp

Tempura prawns drizzled with a sweet shiro miso & chilli sauce.

Fast Food Yo Sushi £4.30
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