How The Meal Comparison Engine Prototype Works
  • To show relevant meals, filter by choosing the vendor i.e.Yo Sushi, McDonald's and/or by typing keywords into the search box.
  • To add a meal to the comparison chart click in the "Add To Compare" box next to the meal and then scroll up and select "Compare Selected". A maximum of 5 items can be added to the comparison chart.
Accuracy of Meal Comparison Engine Data
  • Meal data from retailers can change frequently so the most up to date product details are not available at this time. However, we are developing a real-time dynamic meal comparison engine which will be launched in 2020 containing up to date information.

Comparison Engine

  • Filters
  Name Description Category Vendor Price
Avocado Nigiri

Avocado topped rice with a nori band & a touch of vegan mayo.

Fast Food Yo Sushi £2.00
Chicken Curry Ramen

Japanese fried chicken & noodles in a delicious curry broth.

Fast Food Yo Sushi
Chocolate Brownie

Indulgent chocolate brownie topped with a salted caramel sauce.

Fast Food Yo Sushi
Korean Fried Chicken

Fried chicken tossed in a tasty sweet & spicy Korean chilli sauce.

Fast Food Yo Sushi £9.99
Mushroom Teriyaki Burger

Braised slices of shiitake mushroom in teriyaki sauce.

Fast Food Yo Sushi
Spicy Pepper Cauliflower Not available at selected restaurants. Fast Food Yo Sushi
Shiitake Mushroom Ramen

Fresh noodles in a vegetable broth with sautéed shiitake mushrooms, tofu & pak choi.

Fast Food Yo Sushi £9.75
Mixed Maki Plate

The best of both worlds, 3 salmon maki & 3 avocado maki.

Fast Food Yo Sushi £3.90
Yo Large Fries

Japanese style fries coated in sriracha mayo and sprinkled with sesame, aonori & smoky bonito flakes.

Fast Food Yo Sushi
Japanese Fried Chicken

Crunchy fried chicken breast, marinated in soy & sake served with mayo.

Fast Food Yo Sushi £9.00
Blossom Roll

Prawn katsu and avocado, rolled in purple shiso & topped with spicy tuna on a touch of teriyaki sauce.

Fast Food Yo Sushi £4.95
Yasai Roll

Made with inari, avocado, cucumber, cos lettuce and carrot roll with teriyaki and vegan mayo.

Fast Food Yo Sushi £3.50
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