How The Meal Comparison Engine Prototype Works
  • To show relevant meals, filter by choosing the vendor i.e.Yo Sushi, McDonald's and/or by typing keywords into the search box.
  • To add a meal to the comparison chart click in the "Add To Compare" box next to the meal and then scroll up and select "Compare Selected". A maximum of 5 items can be added to the comparison chart.
Accuracy of Meal Comparison Engine Data
  • Meal data from retailers can change frequently so the most up to date product details are not available at this time. However, we are developing a real-time dynamic meal comparison engine which will be launched in 2020 containing up to date information.

Comparison Engine

  • Filters
  Name Description Category Vendor Price
Cicchetti Sharing Board Harissa chicken skewers, calamari, fonduta formaggi, garlic bread, spicy 'Nduja sausage garlic bread. Served with aioli & red pepper tapenade. Fast Food Zizzi
Antipasto Grande Board Coppa ham, Spianata Piccante salami, speck, smoked scamorza cheese, creamy bufala mozzarella, mixed olives, tomato & pesto crostini, our 'little soul' breads, rocket & riserva cheese salad. Fast Food Zizzi
Nduja Garlic Bread Spicy 'Nduja ("nn-do-ya") sausage, melted mozzarella & grated riserva cheese. Fast Food Zizzi
Zizzi's Calamari Crispy squid rings with a garlic & basil aioli dip. Available big or small. Fast Food Zizzi
Zizzi Mixed Olives Our mix of pitted green & purple olives in a garlic, red pepper & herb oil. Fast Food Zizzi
Arancini Our hand rolled risotto balls with mozzarella, peas & a breadcrumb coating. Served with a red pepper tapenade dip. Fast Food Zizzi
Nocellara Giganti Olives Giant bright green olives sourced from Trapani, Sicily, served naked. Fast Food Zizzi
Mushroom Brindisi Creamy mushrooms & smoked mozzarella oven baked on our dough, then finished with chopped parsley, grated riserva, crispy sage & smoked garlic oil. Fast Food Zizzi
Fonduta Formaggi A melting pot of gorgonzola, gruyère & pecorino cheese with 'little soul' bread for dipping. Fast Food Zizzi
Wild Boar Polpette Oven-baked herby wild boar & pork meatballs in a pomodoro sauce with melted smoked mozzarella, grated riserva cheese & chilli threads. Fast Food Zizzi
Toscana Soup A hearty blend of tomatoes, leeks, grilled peppers, curly kale & quinoa. Served with smoked mozzarella bread for dipping. Fast Food Zizzi
Garlic King Prawns Shell-on, pan-fried in garlic butter, smoky pepper pesto & white wine. Served with watercress & our 'little soul' breads. Fast Food Zizzi
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