How The Meal Comparison Engine Prototype Works
  • To show relevant meals, filter by choosing the vendor i.e.Yo Sushi, McDonald's and/or by typing keywords into the search box.
  • To add a meal to the comparison chart click in the "Add To Compare" box next to the meal and then scroll up and select "Compare Selected". A maximum of 5 items can be added to the comparison chart.
Accuracy of Meal Comparison Engine Data
  • Meal data from retailers can change frequently so the most up to date product details are not available at this time. However, we are developing a real-time dynamic meal comparison engine which will be launched in 2020 containing up to date information.

Comparison Engine

  • Filters
  Name Description Category Vendor Price
Double Espresso

A double shot of coffee made from freshly ground 100% Arabica beans.

Fast Food McDonald's £0.99
Tea PG tips with or without organic semi-skimmed milk. Because there are few things a nice cup of tea can’t make better. Fast Food McDonald's £0.99
Mango and Pineapple Iced Fruit Smoothie

Refreshing and delicious, this smoothie is made using pureed fruit and juices, blended with low fat yogurt and ice.

Fast Food McDonald's £1.99

BRU'd in Scotland since 1901 to a secret recipe of 32 flavours with a spirit that's as bold as its taste.

Fast Food McDonald's
Berry Burst Fruit Smoothie

Pureed fruit and juices are blended with low fat yogurt and ice to make this deliciously cooling, fruity treat.

Fast Food McDonald's £1.99
Caramel Iced Frappe

A hint of delicious coffee is blended with ice, then topped with cream and our smooth caramel sauce.

Fast Food McDonald's £2.29
Mocha Iced Frappe

With a hint of coffee, this deliciously cooling drink is blended with ice, then topped with cream and an irresistible chocolate drizzle.

Fast Food McDonald's £2.29
Fanta Orange Caffeine-free Fanta Orange full of bubbly, refreshing orange flavor. Fast Food McDonald's £0.89
Oasis A deliciously fruity drink to enjoy with your meal or on the go. Fast Food McDonald's £0.89
Happy Meal Veggie Wrap

A veggie goujon, shredded lettuce and tomato ketchup, all wrapped up in a small toasted tortilla.

Fast Food McDonald's £2.59
Mayo Chicken

Crispy coated chicken with lettuce and cool mayo in a deliciously soft bun.

Fast Food McDonald's £0.99
Grilled Chicken Wrap Succulent grilled chicken slices, lettuce and ketchup, all wrapped up in a small tortilla perfect for your little ones. Fast Food McDonald's £2.59
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