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War-Prep is here to make every step of your food preparation easy and painless.

War-Prep is here to make every step of your food preparation easy and painless. We believe the only factors that make a person truly successful are:
There are clearly some more attributes such as talent and genetic potential but we truly believe these will be surpassed by focus, positivity, consistency, and preparation. If you remove any one of these factors your performance and future potential drops instantly but realize these early and instill them to your core principles and there is no telling what you will achieve, you are never too old to instill these but the sooner you do the sooner you will improve.
War-prep is not just a selfish, capitalist, faceless money making business we are making a community where everyone has similar goals to encourage and help each other. We want to hear about your progression and any struggles you have and we will endeavor to help you every step of the way if you so wish.
How we were created
War-Prep was the creation of Adam Chapman in early to mid-2016. Adam saw there was a stumbling block in most peoples progression. This was a stumbling block that was not just on the track or gym this was in every part of there lives or careers, young and old! With an extensive career spanning from kickboxing to infantry soldiering to construction what Adam needed most in all these fields was a product such as War-Prep yet he could find nothing tailored to fit his needs.
Initially, he thought that he was on his own for this predicament but on further investigation, he found that where people were failing was at the final stumbling block of diet! They had done all the hard work put in the hours at the gym, rode that bike at 5 am, pushed that final round in the ring yet they were not putting the fuel in that their body required. He assumed this was a lack of understanding, time and possibly laziness. All of these can be counteracted by the War-Prep way of thinking.
Understanding- We and our community plan on educating anyone struggling with how to fuel your body for the exact discipline which you are focused on.
Time- We aim to shave minutes or even hours to your day depending on how well you utilize War-Prep.
Laziness- As for this if you are busting a gut on anything for self-improvement you are not lazy! We just believe this is at the bottom of your agenda so inevitably never gets done.
How can we help you?
If you have got this far you are clearly asking yourself what can we do to help you. Well if you have your meal preparation down to a fine art we can make it perfect. If you are pulling your hair out not knowing how and where to start we can turn you from an average Joe to a professional. Don't believe us, prove us wrong we want to help and improve our product to be the best it can be. Criticism is as valuable as positive comments.
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