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Cook restaurant quality meals in 20 minutes.

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Simply Cook was founded by Oli Ashness whilst living and working in London. Oli's busy lifestyle left him with little time to create great food for himself and his friends. He was determined to eat a high quality, healthy meal in the evenings and realised how time consuming and expensive it was to try new recipes & put good food on the table. He therefore decided solve this problem and as a result launched

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SimplyCook chef Anisa devises all their recipes and ingredient kits with a team of professional chefs and shares Oli’s vision to make cooking more accessible.

SimplyCook want to achieve these 3 objectives:

1. SimplyCook want your dinners to taste amazing.
2. They want to save you money – their short shopping lists mean you don’t have to buy 20 ingredients to cook a tasty new recipe and our meals work out between £2 and £6 per person in total.
3. Provide ultimate convenience – you can use their kits when you want, cooking takes around 20mins, and the items you have to add are easily accessible.

SimplyCook boxes contains 4 easy to follow recipes and 4 ingredient kits. Each kit is designed to provide perfect taste containing ingredient blends devised by professional chefs.


You can order the:
-Discovery Box - Explore flavours from around the world, and enjoy new cuisine with every box
-Light Box - For those who want a calorie controlled diet to lose weight or eat more healthily - F(all meals sub 600 cals)
-Gluten Free Box - or those who are Coeliac or gluten intolerant and in need of tasty and convenient dinner options

SimplyCook deliver to the whole of the UK using Royal Mail

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