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Angus Fay, founded Munch Fit and believes  that when it comes to achieving your fitness results, 30% is down to training and the remaining 70% is due to nutrition.

We are committed to using 100% fresh ingredients that are minimally processed. You’ll find no nasties in our pantry. Every day we buy the freshest fish, meat, eggs, green and root vegetables, wholegrains and seeds we can find. We use fresh herbs and spices, rock and sea salt in our dishes. We use extra virgin olive oil as our preferred cooking oil and a little coconut oil, and real butter in some dishes. That’s it.

We choose ingredients for their functional role, as well as for their taste, look and feel. For example, we like cavolo nero because it’s a rich source of folate, essential for good energy. And we think the pomegranate seeds we use to garnish your salad are really pretty, but they’re also full of antioxidants that keep your brain from “rusting” prematurely.

We are committed to running a 100% gluten free kitchen, which means there’s absolutely no trace of wheat or gluten in any of our dishes. You may have chosen a gluten free lifestyle because of intolerance issues, or simply because you enjoy the fact that your digestion improves when you minimise your gluten intake.

We are also committed to providing you with highly bioavailable protein that’s easy to digest is used by the body to repair and regenerate itself. They also contain a lower-than-average carb content. A large proportion of our carbs are complex, i.e. they take longer to be metabolised into glucose (sugar) by the body, thereby making the meal more filling and less fattening. Our carbs typically come from fresh green, root vegetables and gluten free wholegrains and seeds.

In fact, our recipes have been carefully crafted so that our meals have a low glycaemic load (GL), the value that determines how quickly your body turns a meal into glucose. Low GL meals are ideal for those seeking sustained energy throughout the day whilst achieving and/or keeping their ideal weight.

We provide a range of very-low carb / higher protein / good-fat / Paleo-style options for those looking for lean muscle growth.

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London, United Kingdom
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