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KLEAN Los Angeles is a premium meal delivery service for the purpose of weight loss, management and nutrition.

Benefits of Using KLEAN LA

Kiki Heinzer founded KlEAN LA because she wants to help people live longer, more fulfilled lives by providing access to convenient, high quality food.

Her love of food stems not only from her Mexican-American background, but from her experience in living in iconic culinary cities including Paris, New York, San Francisco, Guadalajara and currently Los Angeles.

KLEAN is a holistic approach to getting the most out of life. KLEAN believe that what we consume has a direct impact on the way we look and feel. They are not just a way of eating, but a way of living.

KLEAN encourage a dialogue with their clients and provide them with pertinent tips from their chef, nutritionist and personal trainer.


The KLEAN program is based on high quality whole foods, portion control and macronutrient ratios. 
Their goal is to help you be leaner, not necessarily lighter and of course healthier overall.

They specialize in long term and sustainable weight loss and health improvements such as lowered cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure as well as helping clients with sensitivity to gluten, soy and dairy* (dairy free may be provided upon request).

Their food is gluten, soy and preservative free and we use local, sustainable and organic ingredients.


Their cooler bags by Custom Green Solutions are made from 20% post consumer recycled materials and are 100% recyclable and reusable

KLEAN use Cube Plastic containers; proudly manufactured in the U.S.

Containers are FDA, CFIA and BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and 100% recyclable and reusable.

Their ice packs are made from water and are non-toxic and 100% recyclable and reusable.


Los Angeles


KLEAN delivers fresh meals to California, Arizona and Nevada. Shipments outside of LA are sent via Ground in a temperature controlled cooler box overnight.

They require a minimum of 2 day's worth of food for shipment.

Typically, each delivery includes 2 day’s worth of food, although KLEAN can deliver 1-3 days per delivery depending on your schedule.

Food is delivered in an insulated cooler bag with an ice pack using a swap system.

Food remains in safe temperatures in the cooler bag with a tamper proof seal to know your food has been untouched.

They provide local delivery to Los Angeles and Orange County.  Delivery occurs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning before 8 am.  Deliveries before 4 am and 6 am may be accommodated upon request when you sign up.

They provide FREE shipping to the rest of California, Arizona and Nevada.  Delivery occurs every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday before 10:30 am to any home or business.  *Smaller towns in these states may receive their delivery later than 10:30 am*.

For local LA clients, KLEAN use a swap system with the delivery bags. Leave the last bag your received out the night before a delivery for their driver and receive a new bag with your fresh meals.


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