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London England
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Business Details

Fresh Fitness Food is London's premium provider of customised, chef prepared meals, delivered daily.

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Benefits of Using Fresh Fitness Food
Fresh Fitness Food was founded by former lawyer Jared Williams who started the business from a flat in Notting Hill.  This London based healthy meal prep company was formed out of passion and frustration.

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Jared has always been a real foodie having grown up in a Cornish Pub and been submerged in cultures where food has the dynamic to bring people together socially. He noticed from a young age how the type of food people eat has the potential to change people in a positive way.
Working long hours as a lawyer meant he didn’t have the time to meticulously prepare the meals his body desired and the only convenient food delivery services were unhealthy. So Fresh Fitness Food was the solution.

Fresh Fitness Food use their own built software which forecasts suitable nutritional values for each individual client by using industry standard calculations and ratios.

The Fitness Meal packages include Lean Gains, Fat loss, Muscle Gain Comp Prep, Wellness, Vegetarian, Office and Performance.


Fresh Fitness Food deliver meals daily, Monday to Sunday.

Discount Code
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London England
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