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We do all the calculations and hard work so you have more time to do you!

Clean Kitchen was born in 2016 with a fresh approach to personal development meal preparation. Catering for clients who 'just want to lose a few pounds' right up to professional athletes and celebrities.

We have a team of nutritionists working out the macro content (protein, carbs and fats) of each of the individual ingredients to create beautiful chef prepared meals in our restaurant kitchens but with the science to change your body including muscle gain and fat loss.

At clean kitchen we work backwards! Starting with a beautiful all time favourite dish but with a carefully altered ingredient ratio to guarantee a perfect macro count.

But there are others doing this! What makes us unique is that we don't just lay boring bland ingredients in a plastic tray and give you 3 days to eat them but proper restaurant quality cuisine cooked by highly qualified chefs with zero additives or preservatives which are delivered frozen so they last longer, meaning you have more time to enjoy them.
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