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ChefGood thinks healthy food does not need to be bland and packed with preservatives. We aim to provide tasty healthy meals to busy australians.

I’m CHEFGOOD. I’m no health nut, but I am a ‘good’ food nut. (I also love nuts.)

I’m all about using fresh, local and seasonal produce in my menus which are designed to be interesting and balanced. I don’t do shortcuts, fillers, thickeners and artificial flavours. I’m all about real food, no bulldust.

I’m sort of like your mum, if she were to feed you delicious and balanced meals each night to make sure you were staying healthy. Like your mum, I care about your long term health, and miraculously put a meal on your table every day. Unlike your mum, I won’t nag you or tell you to do your laundry – you left home for a reason right? I believe in a sustainable shift towards mindful eating, afterall 7 day detoxes are only for 7 days.

Highly processed foods are a no-no here at CHEFGOOD HQ. Instead I look to the cuisines of the world for inspiration and knowledge. I believe that eating great quality, tasty food is the key to the Western problem of portion control. Just take a look at Japanese cuisine – it’s delicious, it’s real, it’s lean and it’s totally satisfying without the need to eat a truckful.

Whilst I do offer you convenience, I promise it never comes at the price of nutrition. I collaborate with a dietician to ensure all of my meals are balanced nutritionally as well as being delectable.

I believe in sustainable lifestyle change. This is no fad diet, or quick fix solution. It’s not about replacing real foods with shakes, juices or diet bars. I’m your long term partner in eating healthily and mindfully to ensure you get real health benefits.

There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to the perfect diet. We all have different nutritional and lifestyle requirements to fulfill. That’s why I’m all about using the abundance of wonderful produce we have in Australia in a way that fits in with your needs.

Now you’ve met me it’s time to wave goodbye to the fad diets, the self-restriction, the hunger growls from your stomach. Say ‘au revoir’ to the void of an empty fridge, the afterwork supermarket queues and the last resort greasy take aways. Best of all you can say ‘see ya later’ to that niggling voice in your head who’s always on at you about eating healthily – I’ve got your back now.

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