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Quick and easy recipes delivered straight to your door, with all the fresh ingredients you need to make them

The Box’d Fresh story starts in High Holborn, in a 3m x 3m box kitchen whilst I was studying at the London School of Economics. 

Inspired by the evolution of the UK’s food culture, I spent hours each week practicing dishes by some of Britain’s best chefs. Coming from an entrepreneurial family it got me thinking about ways I could make it easier to learn how to cook without having to buy countless ingredients and spend hours each week shopping at my local Waitrose. I felt that ‘foodies,’ like myself, had been broadly misunderstood by existing services. 

Why was there no simple way to learn from the minds of top chefs? Surely there had to be a more convenient way of improving your culinary technique without splurging on expensive cookery classes? 

I built the first version of the website in 2017 and travelled the country speaking to many of Britain’s top chefs asking them to help me build a recipe box service designed for the nation’s food lovers.

Determined to make it simpler for all ambitious cooks looking to impress, I launched Box’d Fresh this February. Our recipes are crafted by some of Britain’s best chefs but we've ensured that they are all suited to the home kitchen. 

From the great chefs that started it all off and championed British cooking, to the international influences we’ve embraced and the new generation of exciting talent propelling us into the future, Box’d Fresh is the place where you’ll get to enjoy a culinary experience, at-home, like never before.

Join us on our mission to build a tribe of 10,000 food-obsessed home cooks across the UK as we come together to embrace Britain's exciting, gastronomic environment! I hope you find inspiration in our recipes and discover new trends, ideas and styles of cooking.

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