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Personalised Fresh Diets Delivered to your door.

Benefits of Using BodyChef

BodyChef was founded by Jayne Ritchie in 2003. BodyChef is one of the UK’s original fresh food home delivered diet plan.  Jayne started off preparing diet meals for a few customers in her own home kitchen.  To order their meals plese click here.

Bodychef has continued to grow over the years and has helped thousands of people across the UK maintain a healthier lifestyle and achieve their target weight loss.


Diet meal plans are completely customisable to meet any of your dietary requirements and preferences. No matter what—religious requirements, allergies, intolerances, or simply likes and dislikes.




Across mainlaind Britain to your home, work address or other suitable location on your chosed delivery day. Meals are delivered in hampers so food stays fresh.

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BodyChef allows you to pick 1 of over 20 existing diet meal plans to build your personal diet plan, and a calorie level suited to your individual weightloss or weight maintenance goals.

Click here which will direct you to their website where you can order their meals.

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