Why launch a range of Porridge meals?

Do you enjoy eating Porridge? Well if you do, so does Rachel Garwood the founder of YourCook and creator of POP Porridge. This is one of the reasons why she decided to launch a range of tasty personalised Porridge meals. She grew up eating porridge oats, as well as cornmeal porridge which is a popular breakfast meal in Jamaican culture.

Another reason was the myriad of health benefits that eating Porridge gives you according to numerous studies. Whilst sitting in the kitchen eating a bowl of Porridge oats back in August 2019, she had forgotten to add a superfood mix of goji berries, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.

At the time she was experiencing successive bouts of low energy levels and flu like symptoms where she was depleted of energy and struggled to do everyday tasks, including travelling to work. Her ill-health was most likely due to an iron deficiency as shown by blood test results indicating anemia. Therefore she needed some extra nutrients (especially iron) to provide a much needed boost.

This sparked an idea where Rachel thought why not create personalised Porridge meals that taste delicious and are full of nutritious ingredients that are made to optimise specific aspects of our health and well-being. So that  is how POP Porridge came to fruition.

POP Porridge provides Porridge products that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and if you are not sure which Porridge blend to try, please complete our quick quiz here. POP Porridge is easy to prepare; simply add hot water or milk to your oats, give it a decent stir and the Porridge is ready to eat.  Cornmeal porridge products take a bit longer to make.

We are currently taking pre-orders until 31st January and the official launch is on 1st February 2020.  Join us on this journey and experience the Power of Personalised (POP) Porridge to fuel your mind and body so you can pursue your dreams, make them a reality and live your best life.

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