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Do what you love and use those hours spent deciding and preparing what to eat on something else. Let a reputable and outstanding meal prep delivery service do your food shopping, source fresh ingredients, prepare and cook delicious and nutritious meals and deliver them to you. A range of meal prep delivery services fit this profile and can deliver meals daily to a location of your choice in London whether it be your home, office, gym or another convenient spot.

Veganism is currently in vogue in the UK and reportedly almost 3 million people in the UK tried a vegan diet in January (veganuary), according to a survey by vouchercodes. To meet the rising popularity of more people following a plant based diets free from animal products, retailers, restaurants and other vendors have significantly expanded their plant based dishes on the menu and many more establishments are solely serving plant based food and drinks.

The Greggs vegan sausage roll launched in January 2019 is an example of how strong customer demand and a petition by PETA signed by more than 20,000 people persuaded Greggs to launch this product. This sausage roll has been a hit with customers where the sausage meat has been replaced by Greggs quorn recipe and vegan puff pastry.

Similarly in January 2020, Greggs also launched a vegan steak bake which has been designed to imitate their original meat steak bake, including 96 layers of light and crisp puff pastry. The vegan version uses Quorn pieces instead and diced onions in a rich gravy.

It was only last year that I somehow managed to sacrifice my love of cheese and follow a plant based eating plan for three consecutive months and then continue to adopt a vegan eating plan long term.

I (Rachel Garwood, the founder of YourCook) became a vegetarian in 2008, having been a heavy meat eater previously, where lamb, chicken, salmon, duck and seabass were some of my favourite foods. At the time my friends, family and many others questioned and were puzzled by my change in diet. However, sticking with a no more meat eating plan, helped me shift alot of excess extra pounds. The progression to a plant based diet in 2018 proved not to be that challenging once I put my mind to it, and the variety of tasty and delicious food that a plant based diet offers surprised me.

The benefits of incorporating more plant based ingredients into your eating plan are numerous. There are numerous books, articles and videos on the topic.

An interesting book that is currently on my Kindle is How Now Not to Die:
Discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease by Michael Greger and Gene Stone. I also recently listened to the Rich Roll podcast on Spotify where he interviews Neal Barnard about the benefits of a plant based diet on your body (published on January 13th 2020). Have a read of the book and a listen to the podcast and it would be great if you could share your views on the content in the comments section below.

For food that you want to quickly heat up and not have to spend time preparing, here are a list of 8 meal prep companies updated from 5 that provide plant based meals and will deliver to your London postcode.

1. BodyChef

Bodychef provide nutritionally balanced plant based meal plans that can be customised or stardardised to meet your vegan dietary requirements and preferences, and as a result the pricing plan is bespoke. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts are also included in your box of meals and cover every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday if required. BodyChef meals can be delivered anywhere in mainland Britain.


2. Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods provide over 300 dishes which includes a free from range of frozen ready meals that can exclude dairy, egg and milk.  There are three portion sizes, from large to small - hearty, main and mini and prices per meal vary between £1 - £7. Delivery of meals is free to all areas of the UK.

To order Wiltshire Farm Food meals, visi

3. Planty

Recently launched London based Planty prepare 100% plant-based meals where you can order 6, 8, or 10 dishes from the Planty menu. Provision for various dietary preferences are catered which include gluten free, high fibre, low saturated fat and low sugar meal options.

Meals are freshly frozen to keep the nutrients and flavours locked in and their ingredients are contained in fully recyclable packaging, including, trays, films, and sleeves. Delivery is free to any address in mainland UK and the prices of meals range from £5.45 to £7.45.

4. Fresh Fitness Food

Use code YOURCOOK10 at the Fresh Fitness Food checkout at their website and save 10% off your first food order. Fresh Fitness Food plant based meal packages contain chef designed flavour filled meals with an option to add a cleansing juice, protein shake or a savoury and/sweet snack. There are meal plans that cater for you whether you are aiming to shed fat, build and maintain lean muscle or stay nourished on the go.

Fresh Fitness Food YourCook
Fresh Fitness Food Sample Vegan Menus are as follows:

Meal 1                                                                        

Parsnip and Carrot Rosti                                                                                  

Kcal 447.33 Protein 14.05g   Carbohydrates 41.05g   Fat 25.22g

Meal 2

Lentil Dhal, Masala Cauliflower and Tudka                                                                  

Kcal 425.61 Protein 16.89g   Carbohydrates  50.43g   Fat 17.37g

Meal 3                                                                     

Wild Mushroom Gnocci, Tenderstem, Black Garlic Pesto                                                                         

Kcal 506.95 Protein 30.45g  Carbohydrates 46.31g   Fat 22.21g

Fresh Fitness Food  - YourCook

5. MyDine 

Mydine is a healthy caribbean fusion meal prep service which provides flavoursome ready to eat food that can be delivered to the London area.  Vegans are also catered for and their plant based meals include Plantain Curry, BBQ Jackfruit,  Jerk Tofu curry and coconut veg curry. Free nationwide delivery is provided for orders over £69.

With prices starting at £4.20 per meal and bulk orders of up to 30 meals available, Mydine provides a convenient way to order breakfast, mains and desserts to have your meals on hand and ready to go. Take a look at their meal packages below which also includes an option to order a  customised plan.

Choose and customise from 7 to 100 Caribbean Vegan Meal Preps. Choose your protein, carbs and vegetables for each meal and add to your basket.

6. Allplants

Allplants dishes are plant-based and delivered to your door frozen. All their packaging is 100% recyclable, partly compostable and mostly reusable.  Freezing meals locks in
nutritients to keep your food fresher for longer and because Allplants products have no added preservatives, so their meals be kept in your freezer for up to six months in the freezer. 

Allplants are creating dinners to inspire more plant-based living. Take a look at their vegan menu here.

7. RG Vegan Food

RG Vegan food is a self-taught London based cook of Jamaican decent who has a passion for creative plant-based cooking. Take a look at the range of plant based provided on the RG Vegan Food instagram page.  

8. Fitology Kitchen

Fitology Kitchen provides a vegan meal delivery service to offices in London Zone 1, Canary Wharf E14 & surrounding areas of Greenwich SE10. All of their products are gluten free with no added sugar. To find out more about the meals on offer, visit here. The Fitology Kitchen menu changes on a weekly basis.

For details on other London Meal Prep Delivery Services visit here.

The convenience of having some of your meals prepared by someone else which means you have to do less food shopping, food preparation and cooking is helpful when you have a busy schedule and would rather spend that time doing other things.

As the founder of  who regularly eats out at restaurants, buys lunch on the go and orders meal prep, I really value the convenience of being able to quickly find quality food places to buy food from.  There are a myriad of sites where you can find places to eat, read reviews and find out what you want to know but it is not easy to compare all this useful information. Therefore YourCook is evolving intoa  food, drink and food business engine so you can quickly and easily purchase healthy, nutritious and delicious meals and great tasting drinks as shown in images below.

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