Getting Your 8 Glasses a Day: Hydration made Interesting

We all know that we should be getting 8 glasses of water a day, but the reality is that many of us don't manage it! Hydration is so important to keep many things functioning in our body and we actually need quite a lot of water each day to keep these functions optimal. Our digestive system, our skin, our heart, our temperature regulation, athletic performance and our brain - so many things depend on this water and we can quickly become dehydrated if we aren't sipping on water regularly.

Particularly, there are many reasons why it can be hard to meet the recommended 1-2 litres a day, some days you just don't have time to sit and think about having 8 glasses of water, and for some people you may just not like water at all! The good news is, your 8 glasses don't have to come from just water, there are so many other foods and drinks that can all contribute to your daily hydration.

What Counts?

The obvious one is water, but tea, coffee, juice, squash, milk and any water-based drink count. Fruits and veggies can count too, aim for fresh foods with a high water content such as melon, cucumber, grapefruit, orange, celery, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. Soup, smoothies and ice lollies can count too! When choosing what to have, aim for drinks that aren't loaded with sugar such as sports drinks or sugary, fizzy drinks. You can also dilute juice and sports drinks with water to lower the sugar content in a glass. 

Getting Creative

With all of these options for hydration, there is a lot of room to get creative and make your drinks more interesting than plain water! Think fruit-infused waters, flavourful teas, nutrient-loaded smoothies, homemade ice pops, mocktails - the options are endless. Here are some of our favourite ways to make hydration interesting.

1. Fruit Infused Water

2. Coconut and Rosemary Mocktail

3. Pomegranate Coconut Water Popsicles 

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