5 to Try: Meal Prep Recipes

Hello and happy Sunday! The gloomy weather this weekend may have left you mostly housebound, but today we are sharing 5 great recipes to try for your meal prep this week. Get your shopping list going, pop to the shops and spend the afternoon prepping for the week ahead!


Overnight oats are a great option for those who like to roll out of bed right before they leave the house! Easy to grab and take to work to eat or quickly spoon in to your mouth while you get ready. Try these blueberry crisp overnight oats.


Did someone say burrito?! These healthy chicken burrito bowls are perfect for lunch prep. Loaded with protein and healthy carbs, these lunch boxes will feel like a mid-week treat!


These peanut butter protein balls are a super easy snack to prep for the week. Simply make a big batch and keep them in the fridge. Take a couple to work with you each day and you won't be caught out hungry!


A little asian flavour to spice up your week, try out this teriyaki chicken stir fry prep recipe. Make it for dinner and save the rest for lunches for later in the week!


Looking for a veggie option? Check out this sweet potato & chickpea buddha bowl. It is packed with roasted veggies, chickpeas and avocado, meaning it is full of protein, fibre, fats, vitamins and minerals. An easy option to double or triple up on to get some lunches ready for the week. 
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