Meal Prep Expo UK - Saturday 17th February 2018 - Birmingham

Only a few hours left until the Meal Prep Expo begins at 10am today.
Rachel Garwood will launch the event with an introductory morning talk followed by an afternoon presentation on the YouRCooK Meal Plan Comparison Engine.
Having studied Medical Sciences and Law quite some time ago and worked in a variety of fields, Rachel's interest in health, nutrition and fitness propelled her to launch YouRCooK and subsequently organise Meal Prep Expo events in the UK and USA.

Former city lawyer turned food entrepreneur, Jared Williams is doing a keynote speech about personalised nutrition as well as a talk about how Meal Prep companies can stay thriving in a competitive food delivery market. Check out for more information about Jared's company, Fresh Fitness Food.
Registered nutritionist and King's College alumni, Colleen Campbell is passionate about helping people to feel good through healthy eating. Take a look at her website at Colleen will be delivering tips on how to tweek your nutrition for the better.
Robert Leat, Bristol based personal trainer, interest in fitness was sparked after competing in both athletics and cricket at the age of 14. All of his training material include personalised programmes to suit your needs. Take a look at for more information about the services he provides and his talk tomorrow will cover body transformations.
Tom Eddolls, a fly half rugby play and founder of Macro Meals UK will be giving a talk on his beliefs about lifestyle nutrition. His company will also have Macro Meals available for you to sample and buy tomorrow. Check out their website at
Susanne Virtanen, a training consultant from DiscoverChange Ltd will provide you with the tools to navigate and implement positive changes and habits in your life in her talk called the "Psychology of Successful Change". Find out more about Susanne at
Cleo Morris founder of MyDine, a Caribbean-fusion meal prep service will be speaking about her journey of launching a meal prep business. She has always had a love of food, cooking and seeing people enjoy her food. She worked as a chef in her teens at a Caribbean-Fusion restaurant.
At university she would cook for several of her friends who were either professional or high level athletes but couldn’t or didn’t like to cook. Check out the MyDine website at
Thomas Olivier the founder of GenSmart will be speaking about the Future of Personalised Nutrition. GenSmart help you understand your genes and teach you how to implement the changes that count, assisting you to reach your optimal health and fitness potential. To check out the GenSmart app, download it from the iTunes store at
Soulmate Food founded by Christian Coates will be at the Meal Prep Expo providing tasty meal samples for all attendees throughout the day.
So what are you waiting for? If you haven't already booked a free ticket and you have some time spare tomorrow, it would be great to see you at the Expo. Come and check out what it has to offer. If you can't make it, share this article with people that you think would be interested in attending.
Alternatively you can also turn up on the door today and register there and then.

For detailed programme information, please see below.

Meal Prep Expo 2018 - Hosted By YouRCooK
The Studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham, B2 5EP
The Meal Prep Expo sponsored by YouRCooK is the first event of its kind. At this inaugural event, sample meals from Soulmate Food and Macro Meals UK whilst attending nutrition related talks.
The Future of Personalised Nutrition.
Exhibition Room:
9:30 - 10:00 – Registration, Teas and Coffees
Main Room
10:00 - 10:15 – Introduction - Rachel Garwood
10:15 - 10:35 – Keynote Speech - What Is Personalised Nutrition & Why Does It Matter?
- Jared Williams from Fresh Fitness Food
10:40 - 11:00 – Optimising Your Nutrition - Nutritionist: Colleen Campbell
11:05 - 11.25 – Fat Loss Nutrition - Personal Trainer: Robert Leat
11:30 - 11:55 – Lifestyle Nutrition - Tom Eddolls from Macro Meals UK
12:00 - 12:25 – Eating Habits: Psychology of Successful Change - Susanne Virtanen
12:30 - 13:15 – Lunch Break
13:20 - 13:40 – Meal Plans Explored - Rachel Garwood from YouRCooK
13:45 - 14:05 – Benefits of using Meal Prep Services – Cleo Morris from MyDine
14:10 - 14:30 – Why Do Meal Prep Companies Fail & How To Increase Your Chances of Success? - Jared Williams from Fresh Fitness Food
14:35 - 15:00 – What Is The Future of Personalised Nutrition? - Thomas Olivier from Gensmart
15:05 - 16:00 – Close, Chat and Mingle
Exhibition Room
10:00 – 16:00 – Macro Meals UK and Soulmate Food exhibiting their products.

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