GenSmart: The Life-hacks App Based on Your DNA

A few weeks ago we posted about why personalised nutrition, the idea of tailoring your lifestyle and diet to your specific DNA, may be the new frontier of the health and wellness industry. If you missed that post, or would like a bit of background information on the science, check the article out here: Personalised Nutrition - Is it in our Genes? Our genes undeniably play a role in our health and our diet and lifestyle can interact with our unique DNA and impact a variety of things. From our caffeine sensitivity to our alcohol tolerance and our response to carbohydrates, it can all depend on our DNA. Today we are talking about a new app based on this concept that may change how we approach our health forever - GenSmart.

GenSmart was founded by Thomas Olivier, a nutrigenomics practitioner, it is a DNA testing company that will provide personalised nutrition results from April 2018. Coming from a sports science background, Thomas was the first coach in the UK to provide nutrition and fitness plans based on the client’s individual DNA. He has worked alongside labs, researchers and other practitioners to further his knowledge on genetics and nutrition. Building on the idea of using personalised nutrition data, he created GenSmart to turn this data in to a user-friendly app that provides achievable life hacks based on your individual results. The app allows you to input your 23andme testing results to create a tailored plan that offers guidance on your diet, exercise and lifestyle to help you reach your goals. GenSmart also allows you to track your progress and connect with doctors, fitness and health coaches to get extra help and increase your knowledge. 

The GenSmart app includes:

  • Complete knowledge of your genetic story
  • Personalised recommendations to reach your goal
  • Personalised shopping lists and recipes

GenSmart App

The data provided by 23andme is the most complete DNA testing available with results for over 100 genes that influence many parts of your well-being. With tasks, goals and statuses, the app enables you to take control of your health with simple changes such as switching your caffeinated drink to rooibos tea or including a probiotic. GenSmart aims to provide achievable, actionable steps towards optimal health based on your unique needs. Rather than trying to interepret your DNA results yourself, which can often lead to misinterpretation and extreme changes, GenSmart removes the guesswork and provides access to tailored recommendations at your fingertips. Thomas believes that DNA testing should be accessible and effective for everyone and created GenSmart for this purpose. At only £199 for the complete genetic testing and a year of full-use of the app, it is an affordable investment for such personalised advice. For those who already have 23andme test results, they can be uploaded to the app for free.

For those looking to take their health and diet to the next level, GenSmart is now available on the app store.

Thomas will be speaking at our Meal Prep Expo on the future of personalised nutrition. Tickets are free so grab one quickly to come and discover what Thomas, and our other amazing speakers have to say.

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