Mydine: The Caribbean-Fusion Meal Prep Service

Mydine is a unique company in the meal prep space, focusing on serving up flavoursome Caribbean-Fusion food, they are bringing a refreshing new flavour to prepped meals. Forget your standard protein, carb and veg combos, Mydine serves up dishes such as Jamaican jerk chicken, fresh hake and a goat curry that are sure to get your taste buds going. Not only is Mydine going down a storm amongst those looking for a convenient but exciting meal prep service, they also have been feeding several celebrities and athletes. Use Promo Code YOURCOOK10 at the MyDine Checkout to receive 10% off your first order of the MyDine 10 meal packages and above.

With prices starting at £4.20 per meal and bulk orders of up to 30 meals available, Mydine provides a convenient way to order breakfast, mains and desserts to have your meals on hand and ready to go. Today we will be speaking to Cleo Morris from Mydine to find out how they came up with the idea of introducing Caribbean-Fusion food in to the meal prep world and some of the history behind their concept. Cleo will be speaking at our Meal Prep Expo on Saturday the 17th February about the benefits of meal prepping so get your FREE tickets here to hear what she has to say.

1. How did Mydine get started and why did you decide to focus on Caribbean food?

I always had a love of food, cooking and seeing people enjoy my food. I then worked as a chef in my teens at a Caribbean-Fusion restaurant. Mydine was coined at university, where I would cook for several of my friends who were either professional or high level athletes but couldn’t or didn’t like to cook. Although they worked out daily, their diets were poor, and consisted of ready-made convenience food or takeaways meals.

Having lived in Worcester whilst studying there was always a lack of diverse foods required to make Caribbean food. So I would spend my off days from uni getting the train back to Birmingham to buy Caribbean ingredients and taking them back to Worcester to cook. Caribbean food traditionally is made for many people and takes hours to cook, so I would invite my friends over for dinner to eat, and also gave them a tupperware box of Caribbean food I had cooked. The idea for the company was formed then, when I realised people want to eat fresh, healthy and flavourful food, but don’t want to spend time cooking it. Fast forward 4 years I set Mydine up which embodied the exact same principles as it did when I started cooking for my friends at University. Providing anyone in the UK with healthy Caribbean-Fusion meals that are made fresh and can be eaten at any person’s convenience.

What are Mydine's biggest achievements to date?

To date, our biggest company achievement is to have celebrities such as Dancing on Ices’, Perri-Shakes Drayton and EastEnders, Richard Blackwood as well as other celebrities try our meals.

What goals does Mydine have and do you have anything exciting in store?

We want Mydine to be the leader in the meal prep industry as well as being recognised for our excellent products and customer service. We always make our customers aware when they purchase, their not just purchasing our meals, their buying into their own convenient lifestyle. Where cooking and eating well is no longer a problem or hassle.

How does Caribbean food fit the "healthy eating" space?

Meal prep and healthy eating companies are primarily started by people who want the service at the time. So they create the service because that’s what they want but neglect the food, flavours and textures. Caribbean food is known for its flavour, but not known for its nutritional values, although some of the greatest athletes in the world such as Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt and Shelly-Anne Fraser Price swear by Caribbean food and its nutritional value to their training regime. We are also the only Caribbean-fusion meal prep company in the market. We also provide people with more than the generic meat and two veg, which is found in most meal prep companies. Our menu has a variety of meals from authentic jerk chicken, curry goat, jerk fish as well as a selection of breakfasts and desserts.

What are your most popular dishes?

Our most popular dishes to date are the Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat and Steamed Veg, Protein Breakfast Waffles and our 4-2-5 Hotwings Challenge. As well as our normal meals, people love to challenge themselves with our hot wings challenge as a bit of fun with their friends.

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