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Today we are speaking to Tom from Macro Meals about their amazing service and about their story. Macro Meals is based in Gloucestershire and they deliver delicious food across the UK. Macro Meals is perfect for fueling your gym routine, their macro friendly food allows you to create a personalized meal plan that is suited to your needs and goals. Cooked with local, fresh produce and delivered to your door the next day, it couldn’t be easier to have food prepped for the week ahead.

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Allowing you to pick your protein, sauce, carbohydrate and veg, Macro Meals gives you the flexibility to create dishes that you love, that balanced to your needs. The macros are available for each option for those who are tracking or counting. With options such as Alaskan fresh salmon, muscle burger, juicy meatballs, quinoa, sweet potato wedges and Cajun hot rice, you will easily be able to find an option that you love. They also have a range of macro friendly baked goods and protein bars to add on to your order. With 5 meals starting at £30, this prep service won’t put you out of pocket either. For those who don’t want the fuss of working out a meal plan, they also offer a bespoke service where they will do the work for you. Now let’s hear from Tom about Macro Meals’ goals and achievements.

1. How and when did Macro Meals get started?

Macro Meals UK was founded in August 2016. Tom our founder started Macro Meals from his flat kitchen providing friends and family with healthy nutritious meals. When Tom tripped the electric in the whole block of flats he knew it was time to move into bigger premises. Since then we have moved 3 times. We are now based in Cheltenham with our very own commercial kitchen and offices. We started doing 30 meals a week, we now do over 1500.

2. Your tagline is "Feed your passion" - what do you hope to inspire with this and what are the goals of the company?

We know and understand that you can't out-train a bad diet, so fueling your body with healthy and nourishing food is essential. We aim to provide people with value and convenience whilst offering affordable prices without compromising on quality. 

3. What is unique about Macro Meals and the service you provide?

 Every meal has its own macro and calorie breakdown on it. We use larger food containers to our competitors so you get more food and value for your money. We are flexible & convenient. No set menu, you pick what protein, carbohydrate and vegetables you like.

4. What is the company's biggest achievement to date?

We have been featured in Men’s Health Mag, over 10k Instagram followers, signed a deal with British Airways employees. 

5. How do your services work and what do you offer?

You can buy your macro meals at with over 500 combinations you are sure to find something you like.

6. Does Macro Meals have any goals or exciting plans for the future?

We want to be the best and most recognized healthy meal prep company in the UK and Europe. Watch this space!

Interested in trying Macro Meals? Check out their website and head to the Order Now tab. 

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