Pete's Paleo - Fresh, Healthy and Chef Prepared Meals

In the past meal delivery services have got a bad rep, people associate them with dry food that’s lacking in taste and usually can’t meet the standards of a home cooked meal.

Pete’s Paleo proves all these preconceived notions wrong. This meal delivery service is as fresh as they come. The food is harvested the very same day that you place your order.

Not only are the meals that arrive at your door farm fresh, they also change with the seasons and what the farmers are growing and harvesting, so you will never get bored of what you are eating. View a full list of the menu on their website.

Food that nourishes the body is a priority at Pete’s Paleo therefore you will never find any dairy, gluten or soy in your meals. All the food is organically grown and non-GMO.

Pete’s customers range from athletes to busy moms all with one thing in common they want healthy, delicious food but they haven’t got much time.

That’s why Pete’s Paleo does all the hard work for you, simply choose the meals you want and where you want them delivered and they will sort out the rest.

All the meals cost less than a meal at a restaurant or shopping at your local healthy grocery store.

Pete’s Paleo is located in San Diego and offers the option of local pick up. However, don’t fear if you don’t live around the corner, they also deliver meals nationwide!

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