Sun Basket - Organic Meal Kits

Do you want to brighten up your meal times? With Sun Basket, you can. The delivery service offers fresh organic ingredients from all over the country delivered straight to your door. Former Head chef of the award winning The Slanted Door restaurant, Justine Kelly, is behind Sun Basket and crafts deceptively simple and delicious recipes for you to follow at home.

Say goodbye to grocery shopping. Clients can choose between two menus, The Classic and the The Family. The Classic consists of three recipes per week which works out as two to four servings coming in at $11.49 per serving. The Family aims to feed you and your little ones and offers two to four recipes per week, four servings per recipe, $ 9.99 per serving. You can choose any meals you like each week from recipes carefully crafted to be just as delicious as the last. Meals are ready within 30 minutes.

If you have specific dietary requirements, don’t stress. Sun Basket offers Gluten-Free, Paleo, and Vegetarian options. All the ingredients are sourced from the best farms in the country. You can expect to find organic and non-GMO produce, responsibly sourced fish and hormone-free meat in your basket.

Currently Sun Basket delivers all over the states, excluding: Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska and South Dakota. However more locations are coming soon! See what Sun Basket customers have to say about it on Yelp. Since 2015 Sun Basket has received 162 reviews rated as five stars.

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