Home Chef - Cooking Made Simple

Home Chef desires to make cooking simple by providing a weekly meal delivery service. Set up by Founder and CEO Pat Vihtelic in 2013, Home Chef a Chicago, Illinois company delivers meal kits containing recipes and portioned ingredients. In 2016, this Chicago recipe box business delivered over 10 million meals and expanded their delivery to cover more than 97% of the US population. To receive 30% off your first order, visit Home Chef's website by clicking here.

Home Chef wants to help people with busy lifestyles skip the grocery store and create appetizing meals in 30 minutes. Every week you get to choose from eight or more unique recipes that suit your tastes and preferences. The Home Chef algorithm learns to pick meals (each meal is suitable for two people) based on your preferences and past meal selections. There is so much choice on offer and recipes are not repeated during the same year. Food options available include dinner, breakfast and smoothies as well as speciality diets such as vegetarian, vegan, low carb and gluten-free. Nutrition information is also available for each meal.

Each meal tends to be $9.95, you can pick up to 5 weeks of menus in advance and you are not tied into a contract because their subscriptions are easy and flexible to pause and restart as you require.  Amending your delivery day and adjusting your meals is a simple process.  Home Chef sends your fresh ingredients in the right quantities in a cold insulated box and you do not need to be home to sign for your delivery.  Your food kit can stay fresh until you are able to unpackage and store the items.

his Chicago meal kit delivery service is committed to embedding sustainability ethos throughout their company infrastructure. They reduce, reuse, and recycle packaging and by measuring out the precise amount of food ingredients for you to cook delicious meals, food waste is either eliminated or considerably reduced.

So if you like what you have read, give them a try or send them as a gift and receive 30% off your Home Chef first order by clicking here.

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