7 Top Meal Prep Delivery Services In Ireland

Dublin Based - Paleo Meal Deliveries

Paleo Meal Deliveries deliver across Ireland and the United Kingdom and provide macro split paleo meal plans. They believe that you can receive all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals from a paleo based  diet - meat, seafood, poultry, fruit, veg, nuts & seeds and therefore there is no need to consume grains, dairy, pulses or processed foods. Paleo Meal Deliveries ensure that all your meals contain
weighted macro nutrients to align with you, your activity levels, goals and your taste requirements.

You can also eat like UFC Champion Conor McGregor. These McGregor meal packages aim to ensure you have the optimum macro splits so you have sufficient energy to focus and carry out your daily activities whether that is training hard at the gym or fuel to sustain you through your work day.

The food plans available are gluten free, dairy free, have low GI carbs and contain positive fats and clean proteins. No processed foods, refined sugars or salts are used and it is 100% free from preservatives. Only Irish local and the freshest seasonal produce are used, including grass-fed beef, chicken breasts, wild fish, fresh berries, nuts, greens, starches and proteins and positive fats.

Meal Plans

Fat Loss Plans
Toning Plans
Muscle Gain Plans
Weightloss Plans
Ripped Plans
Bulking Plan

Dublin Based - GourmetFuel

GourmetFuel provide restaurant quality meals for weight loss, muscle gain, event training or for improving your general health and well-being. GourmetFuel chefs create  meals for you to enjoy, with over 100 for you to choose from.

Below are a list of category preference that you can use to filter their meal packages. Their online service is easy and order from are easy to use and they also offer consultations at their Sandyford Fitness Centre. Deliveries are nationwide in Ireland and Northern Ireland and you can receive up to 2 deliveries of fresh food every week.

GourmetFuel Preference List

Limerick Based - Gasta Healthy

Gasta Healthy launched in 2014 and deliver meal plans and juice detoxes direct to your door.

Individual Meals start from 6.50, juice detoxes start from 65 and the Meal Plans below start from 30:

-5 Day Lunches
-5 Day Dinners
-GAA Muscle Gain Dinner
-Moms Meals
-Bridal and Groom Body

Delivery is provided by GLS Courieres and delivery costs are 10 to anywhere in Ireland.

County Wicklow Based -
Nutriquick Meals

Nutriquick Meals prepare ready made meals using high quality healthy and natural ingredients. Nutriquick nutritionists ensure that each customer receives the right amount of macros in their meals in order to help them achieve optimum health and wellbeing. All meals are cooked fresh and then frozen and delivered by couriers, DPD.

Individual meals available as well as the following meal plans which start from 91.99

- Weightloss
- Build Your
- Wellbeing
- Customised

County Galway based - Clean Cut Meals

In 2015 Clean Cut Meals was founded by Connor McCallion, a kickboxer and boxer with a passion for fitness with Co-Founder, Executive Chef, Micheal Dyer who has worked locally in Galway and for a Michelin Star restaurant in London and also further afield in San Francisco.

Clean Cut Meals offer the following plans:

-Lean Muscle Builder
-Fat Loss
-Elite Athlete

You also have the option to buy packages weekly, monthly or on a weekly occurring subscription plan.

Clean Cut Meals are dispatched with couriers, DPD and they will contact you directly to let you know when your meals are scheduled to arrive at your allocated delivery address.

Cork Based - was launched in Cork in 2015 by co-owner Damian. This Cork Healthy Meal Prep company operate from Bishopstown Bar and have a fully HACCP compliant kitchen. With a team of dedicated chefs, delivery drivers and a nutritionist they prepare and deliver healthy meals across Cork City and County.
Take a look at the above menu for a sample of the food served.

County Louth Based - Simply Fit Food


Simply Fit Food was founded by Luke Judge and Evelyn Garland who setup this County Louth based healthy meal prep delivery service in August 2016. On Sunday, 30th April the pair stepped into the Dragons' Dens Lair to seek investment for their business.

Simply Fit Food Founders

Simply Fit Food prepare and deliver healthy customised meals and snacks made from
fresh and locally sourced ingredients.
Currently they deliver their meals every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning in North and South Dublin, County Meath, County Louth and County Monaghan.

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