5 Healthy Meal Prep Services In Toronto - Part I

Toronto has the highest population of any Canadian city (nearly 3 million) and is the provincial capital of the region of Ontario.

Below is a list of five meal kit/prep delivery services in Toronto, Canada. In Part II we will list another five companies. To find out the full list please visit our homepage, YouRCooK and conduct a search. Currently there are almost 60 Canadian healthy meal service providers listed.

Meal Kit Delivery Toronto

1. One Kitchen

One Kitchen is a Toronto meal kit delivery supplier of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients so you can easily create great tasting meals from recipes designed by executive chefs. Their aim is to deliver the ultimate cooking experience and bring families, friends, loved ones, and strangers closer together.
Their recipes our available in portion sizes for two or four people but there is an option to customise the meal plans to suit more or less people. Meals start from $68.94 for 2 persons (2 servings) and 3 recipes ($11.49 per serving) to family, $151.84 per week 4 servings and 4 recipes - $9.49 per serving.

One Kitchen is currently upgrading their systems and they should be back up and running soon to resume orders and meal box deliveries.

Meal Prep Delivery Toronto

2. Eat Savage

Eat Savage provides a primal and paleo meal delivery service. The company was founded in 2013 by sisters, Maureen and Eileen Brennan due to their desire to provide real foods for their customers.
All of the Eat Savage meals are prepared by chefs and cooks and delivered to locations across Toronto and the GTA to Crossfit Boxes, Corporate Offices and  Homes.  Therefore you have the option of collecting your meals from a pick up location or having them delivered to you desired location. Side dishes/snacks start from $1.50 CAD and individual meals from $12 CAD.

In 2014 they expanded their delivery area to the Durham Region (Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Brooklin, Courtice and Bowmanville).  They also serve Toronto & Mississauga and soon Eat Savage will be delivering across Ontario and Canada. All Eat Savage deliveries take place on Mondays (except in the holiday season). In addition to the paleo meal delivery and paleo catering, Eat Savage helps other entrepreneurs/business owners by allowing them to rent time and space in their commercial kitchen.

3. Essential Meal Delivery

The owner of Essential Delivery, David Greensmith and his team of health and nutrition experts strive to make every dish that Essential Meal Delivery provide, to be an essential meal!

Essential Meal Delivery
takes the science of nutrition and the art of a chef and combines them to make healthy balanced meals. Daily, they prepare and deliver fresh customized gourmet meals sourced from locally sourced ingredients.

Average prices range from $15 to $18 Canadian dollars. Paleo and gluten free options are also catered for.

Small, medium, large and snack meals are available.

4. Athletes Kitchen

Athletes Kitchen will deliver personalised meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts or snacks.
Their meals are natural and nutrient balanced - a healthy combination of protein and vegetables. Meats are hormone free and produce is fresh from Ontario farmers.  Meals are also free from hydrogenated oils, modified starches, man-made dyes, and preservatives and refined sugar, table salt, white flour and high fructose corn syrups.

Food is flavored with spices and natural sugars for seasoning, and coconut oil is also used. Food prices start from $2.95 Canadian dollars. Meal plans available are athlete, nu-paleo and shredding.

Delivery takes place on Wednesday and Sunday within a 10km radius of their store in Liberty Village, Toronto.

5. Meal Fix

Meal Fix offer one off or subscription order meal plans. They cater for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert with individual meals starting from 5.50 CAD.
The subscription plans are:

- Quick Fix (5 meal package) costs $63.36
- Weekly fix (7 meal package) costs $84.29
- Fit fix
(10 meal package) costs $114.35
- Xtreme fix (14 meal package) costs $146.02

Meal Fix accept orders until Fridays at 12 noon where your order will be split into two deliveries arriving on Sundays and Wednesdays. They serve the Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (including: Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Markham).

The next article in the series, 5 Healthy Meal Prep Services In Toronto - Part II will be live shortly.

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