5 Healthy Meal Prep Services In Essex

One of the most famous UK scripted reality TV shows is arguably, The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). The series began airing in October 2010 and it is currently on its 20th season. Coincidentally, several members of the cast have been ambassadors for healthy meal prep delivery companies or have just tried their meals over the years, according to their social media posts. TOWIE cast members that have used these meal prep services include Dan Osborne, Chloe Sims and Gemma Collins.

Below we have selected five meal prep services based in the Essex region. If you have had their meals, please share your meal review(s) under their respective business listings on YouRCooK. Also if you know of any other healthy prepped meal providers, please share in the comments selection below.

Some of the meal prep services based in Essex are:

1. Fresco Box

Fresco Box Services

Store Location: South-End-On-Sea
Opening Times: Monday - Saturday: 7:30am - 8:00pm and Sunday: Closed
Nationwide Delivery available soon

In March 2016, personal trainer Abdul Bangura launched Fresco Box as a way to help people eat fresh, clean food.  Fresco Box understand the science behind food and understand the affect it has on your hormonal balance. More specifically, the influence on your body composition, energy levels and blood chemistry.

Once you have completed a questionnaire and food diary their nutritionists will customise your meal plan to match your personal goals.

Providing balanced tailored meal prep is a key service that they offer. Macro weighted meals are also available.  Their macro food is on average 500 calories per meal which is high in fibre and contains no sugar or preservatives.

2. Fuel and Nourish

Store Location: South-End-On-Sea
Delivery Area:  Specific postcodes in Essex and London

Chef and restaurant consultant of 18 years, Sharn Walton setup Fuel & Nourish in 2015. He believes healthy eating should be delicious and healthy and  be accessible in our busy lives.

Fuel & Nourish cater for gym users and sports and fitness professionals or anyone who wants to reduce their body fat composition, add lean muscle and build strength.  They create chef prepared meals that take into consideration your food dislikes and allergies and are also whole foods and gluten and wheat free.
Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian and Meat meal plans are all available.

Freshly prepared meals with a shelf life have 4 days, are delivered direct to your door twice a week between 6am - 6pm. 

3. Garden Food Prep

Location: Essex
Delivery Area:  South East Essex

Garden Food Prep believe in the importance of educating and helping their clients develop nutrition independence. They want to help as many people as possible build a solid foundation where consuming a healthy and balanced whole food diet is a lifestyle.

Christian Larocque, the founder of Garden Food Prep has an appreciation of the complexity required when approaching nutrition. Nutrition requirements naturally vary from person to person and he enjoys supporting people on their journeys to become stronger, more confident and comfortable versions of themselves. Christian formed a team which includes an educational curriculum writer, a psychologist and trainee dietician.

Their meals are available for £5 for a regular portion and £6 for a large. Delivery is free for orders over £40 and occurs twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays to the South East Essex area (postcodes beginning with SS).

Meal Plans start from £35 for their two day trial.

4. Healthy Essex Meal Prep

Location: Carlton London and Cafe Bar, Loughton

Healthy Essex Meal Prep prepare cooked meals that are weighed and measured accurately to suit your specific diet plan in order to help you achieve your desired goal. If you need some advice on your tailor made plan, their qualified personal trainers and nutrition experts are on hand to assist.

Take a look at their current menu below for an idea on the types of meals served.

5. Simply Meals

Location: Epping
Current Delivery Areas and Postcodes: Local Area and some parts of London

CM5, CM11, CM12, CM13, CM14, CM15, CM16, CM17, CM18, CM19, CM20
RM1, RM2, RM3, RM4, RM5, RM6, RM7, RM8, RM9, RM10, RM11, RM12, RM13, RM14, RM16
IG1, IG2, IG3, IG4, IG5, IG6, IG7, IG8, IG9, IG10, IG11
E4, E10, E18

Simply Meals aim is to make meal prep, affordable, convenient and delicious. When ordering meals, you have the option of selecting a protein, carb and veg item and orders need to be placed before Friday midday, for delivery on Sunday.  Simply Meals vegetarian and vegan meal prep service can be found here at Simply Organic.

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