iONutrition - Performance Starts Here

iONutrition is a healthy meal preparation company established in 2010, located in Chino Hills, California. The company falls under Nutrition Corp which houses six brands, including IONutrition and Fresh n’ Lean. In early 2016 they reached the milestone of making a million shipments.

Laureen Asseo, Founder and CEO of Nutrition Corp wants IONutrition to change people’s perception of convenience food by supplying nutritious meals. The company has also founded non-profit, Feeding Friends which donates meals each week to local homeless shelters and abuse support centers.

IONutrition focus on optimising health, nutrition, and performance and deliver gluten-free and organic ready to eat meals nationwide across the US. No GMO’s, additives, hormones or antibiotics are present in your meals. Take a look at the above IONutrition introduction video.

The following meal plans are provided by iONutrition:

Low Carb Meal Plan
Organic Meal Delivery
Gluten Free

The price of their meals start from $9.35.

Meals are delivered in insulated container and iONutrition recommend you refrigerate your meals as soon as possible and store your IONutrition meal management bag in the freezer.

Currently they have 18 ratings that are five stars.

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