Eat Organix - Organic Meals

Eat Organix is not only an organic and gluten free Los Angeles meal prep delivery service which aims to provide tasty, flavor-filled meals using fresh and locally sourced ingredient, but they also offer nutritional consulting to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Organix has a sustainable, green and eco-friendly approach to operating their business.  For example, their containers are bio-degradable, menus and business cards are made from either plants or recycled paper and their ice packs and bags are non-toxic and reusable.

The company was setup by Tammy Nguyen and Faby Niswonger. Co-Founder,Tammy moved from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles and is a trained chef having graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. She also specializes in holistic nutrition. Tammy has a love and passion for fitness and healthy eating and so she founded Eat Organix with her best friend Faby.

After Faby graduated from culinary school she worked for a variety of New York’s renowned restaurants and then returned home to Los Angeles, Southern California to continue her culinary career. After some medical setbacks in her family, Faby decided to become a registered dietitian.

Eat Organix full day meal packages include breakfast, lunch, dinner and one cold pressed juice from The Raw Juicery LA for each day. The price of their meals starts from $177 for a 3 days meal plan to $1728 per month and there is a requirement to purchase the minimum of 3 days worth of meals.

Eat Organix deliver meals on Sunday and Wednesday from 8pm-6am to Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, Westside and Orange County.

Eat Organix current Yelp rating is 6 five stars.

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