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Introduction to Gym Meals and owner Alex Birch

Gym Meals
is a fresh new healthy meal prep service that has recently launched and is here to serve the UK. Take a break from cooking and let Gym Meals prepare and deliver delicious and nutritious macro friendly food that is full of flavour and tastes great. 

Alex Birch, the founder of West Midlands based Gym Meals creates meals that fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to support your gym/fitness goals.  All of Gym Meals are freshly cooked using ingredients sourced locally with no additives or preservatives.

Entrepreneurial business studies graduate, Alex Birch
decided to set up Gym Meals after spotting a gap in the market for people who wanted macro friendly meals that are great tasting. He regularly goes to the gym and understands how boring it is to have the same type of meals over and over again. Therefore Alex wanted to set up a company that provides customers with nutritious, great tasting meals that can be used in a variety of nutritional plans whilst helping them achieve their gym/fitness goals.

YouRCooK - GymMeals Alex's reasons why you should you eat Gym Meals

-Our meals taste great – we have put a lot of care in ensuring our meals taste amazing.
-Customers can control their spend, they are not tied down to meal plans. Just order what they want, when they want.
-Our delivery charge is a lot less than competitors (free in most cases), meaning the price you see is the price you pay.
-You can choose from our range of set meals or even customise your own meals

Ordering Gym Meals

Use the code YourCook at the Gym Meals checkout to receive a free meal with your order.

Gym Meals have a range of meals on offer. You can either order from their main menu or create your own meals to suit your needs via the custom meals page.

You have the option to use the Gym Meals macronutrient calculator to estimate the proportion of calories, proteins, carbs and fats you might require.

Gym Meals allows customers to easily control their spend. Whether you only want to try a few meals or all of your weeks’ food, Gym Meals has all options covered.

Meals are packaged in insulated boxes along with ice packs to keep your food cool and fresh for 48 hours but Gym Meals aim to deliver within 24 hours of your meals being cooked.

Questions for Alex

What has been one of the most challenging issues so far whilst running Gym Meals
There are a huge number of issues you have to consider when setting up a food business, for example dealing with environmental health, packaging, delivery etc. We have spent endless hours ensuring everything is spot on and that we are providing the best possible products and service to our customers.

What is one of your achievements that you're most proud of and why?
Actually getting the business off the ground is my proudest achievement. I have the upmost respect for anyone who bites the bullet and sets up their own business.

Are you into fitness/sport?
I have been into the gym and fitness for about 5 years now and train about 5/6 times a week (having a meal prep business comes in handy here!). I also play football and tennis.

Can you share any future plans with us about Gym Meals?
We are planning on introducing new meals to our menu soon, along with a range of breakfasts/treats/desserts etc.


 Use the code YourCook at the Gym Meals checkout to receive a free meal with your order.
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