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With a history stretching back to 2003, Bodychef is an established healthy meal delivery service. It all started when Jayne Richie, founder of Bodychef, was preparing meals for a handful of clients in her own kitchen. They proved so popular and demand increased so much that Jayne expanded her operation, founding Bodychef.

Now, Bodychef offers 20 different diet plans (including halal options) that can be completely customised to suit your specific dietary requirements. Each diet plan is focused on losing or maintaining weight, as well as increasing overall health and wellbeing.
There’s something for everyone with plans ranging from paleo diets to gluten free diets to detox diets.

Bodychef has managed to maintain the same level of personalisation you’d expect from a meal cooked in a home kitchen. This is clear in Bodychef’s diet creation process:

Enter information such as weight, your date of birth, and some info about your daily routine. This helps Bodychef determine your calorific requirements.
Choose a single plan from the 20 on offer, which acts as a core basis for your diet.
Personalise your plan by setting your own calorie limits, swapping out foods you dislike, and accounting for any allergies.
Then simply wait for your delivery and ‘heat up and eat up’.
Once you’ve made your choices, each meal plan is overseen by Bodychef’s nutritionist-in-residence Sylvia Hensher. A member of numerous professional nutritional and nutritional therapy associations, she’s properly qualified for the job. Sylvia’s job is to make sure your diet plan has the right macro and micro nutrition levels you need to achieve your goals.

Delivery and meals
Delivery is completely free and food hampers arrive twice a week on Tuesday and Friday between 8am and 4pm. You don’t need to be present to collect delivery as hampers are chilled and can be left in a safe place. Delivery can be at home or an alternative location to make your life easier.
Each food hamper contains every meal you’ll need until your next hamper arrives. And every single one is labelled with full nutrition information so you can track exactly what you eat. (Although this isn’t necessary because it’s all done for you!).

Flexibility and pricing
All Bodychef diet plans start from £17.98 per day. That’s only £5.99 per meal based on three meals a day.
Bodychef is also great on flexibility. You can chop and change your chosen diet plan as many times as you want. So if you feel something isn’t working for you or you’d simply like to try something else, all you need to do is let the Bodychef team know!
You can also cancel or skip any deliveries. And if for some reason you need to cancel your plan, you just need to give 72 hours notice. You can’t get much more flexible than that.

Trusted in the press
Bodychef has had some great press coverage over the years. Features in Grazia, Hello!, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Fitness, Natural Health, and loads more say a lot about the reputation and quality of Bodychef.


The tester from Women’s Fitness, who chose the vegetarian diet plan, “really enjoyed the food and lost over 3 lbs” during the two-week trial. Her skin also “looked a lot clearer.”
Bridget March, from Cosmopolitan, decided to take control of her diet and stop complaining about being “bloated”. She split a month with two weeks on a low carb diet plan and two weeks on a Mediterranean diet plan. She lost 10lbs in the first few weeks and found the food “tasty and effective.”
The testimonial page of Bodychef’s website is full of stories like this, where people have achieved their desired weight loss goals without having to completely starve themselves or “eat rabbit food.”
With so many established names putting their weight behind Bodychef, it’s clearly a great choice as a healthy meal delivery service.

Go ahead and check out the variety of meal options on the Bodychef page.

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