Interview with Professional Gains CEO

I had the opportunity to interview Marco Hajikypri, the owner of Professional Gains. Click on this Facebook Video Link or the image below to watch the interview and find out what he has to say. The transcript of the interview is also available below.

Interview Transcript

Marco: Right ok basically we’ve got Rachel Garwood from YouRCooK who is the director and founder of YouRCooK and she is going to be interviewing me today about a few things about myself, how my companies being growing, how her company has benefited and helped me as a company as well. Over to Rachel, she didn’t want to be on camera today, she’s a bit camera shy, she hasn’t got her makeup on.

Rachel: Ha ha, yeah exactly Marco. Yes it’s great to see you today. So I will just kick this off. Share with us all something interesting that people might not know about you.

Marco: Right ok, um that I don’t stop working maybe, uh I dunno. My life and everything around me is just like um. I don’t think people understand how focused I am. How driven I am with things. You know for example with my work. Everything I do in my life is to do with my work and everyone I speak to. I want to speak, I want to speak to them about my products you know, probably my obsession, people don’t know about my obsession. Maybe that’s what I would say.

Rachel: So this brings us on nicely to why and when did you start Pro Gains

Marco: I started Pro Gains on 27th Jan 2015, seen a simple idea where I needed fresh meals delivered to my door and no-one could do them for me and not only that, I wanted them tailor made to me and the way I wanted them and I wanted them to be what I wanted for example. I wanted a bit of meat and a bit of veg and carbs, why can’t I have that, why can’t I order that, why couldn’t I order that. So I thought why not set up a company like that. Because obviously If I wanted it surely there must be another person that wants it.

Rachel: I agree

Marco: So I decided to setup the company

Rachel: Yeah. I definitely see why, so how do you think you differentiate yourself from all of your competitors out there. What makes Pro Gains?

Marco: For starters I wouldn’t even say there was a competitor for the simple fact that my competition is in my mind. The only thing that I am competing with is myself and because I am so hard on myself and so focused on what I want to do and where I want to be with my company that I want to feed the world with my product. I don’t believe anyone has that drive and ambition where they want to do the same and they want to do it as quick as me. I have proved that with the way we grow, proved that with the way we have generated income as a company and the revenue, where we are going and who we are involved with and who wants to be involved with us. The proof is in the pudding on my determination on my success of where I want to be, it shows, it's alright saying yeah I want to be the most successful company in the world, best company in the world. I am going to be because I know I’m going to be. Because I’m going to make sure that I’m going to be. Not I want to be, I’m going to be. If I’m not already and if I’m not already then I want to find a company that is better than me so I can make sure that I’m better than them because they are just going to motivate me, but don’t think any other company can motivate me more then myself.

Rachel: Excellent what can I say for that answer, you can see how driven you are and that’s what you need. So you’re that determined and focus, how do you achieve that, what’s your kind of mindset, the things you do?

Marco: Don’t be scared to fail and put yourself in a position where  what’s the worst that can happen, we’re only human, the worst that can happen if you take a risk, what’s the worst that can happen if you jump out of a plane and what’s the worst that can happen with a parachute for example, what’s the worst that can happen that if I put all my hours and all my effort into one product that I’m not going to get the outcome that I want and visualizing that outcome making sure that I’m visualizing what I want and doing it and putting things in place every single today to get one step closer to where I want to be. For example I’ve already invested in another 2 companies, setup another 2 companies through the motivation and passion I’ve got with Pro Gains, now I think I can take on the world with everything I release and everything that I announce can succeed where I now offer guidance and advice to companies which I can succeed their company and now charge them a percentage of their company cos my time is now viable and people want my time and I have to charge people that time with a percentage of their company

Rachel: That’s fantastic so Pro Gains has given you the opportunity to invest in other areas.

Marco: I believe Pro Gains is a launchpad to who I am as a person because Pro Gains is a product that I’ve created, I’ve created that product where that’s an imitation of me and my beliefs every product that I create is an imitation of me and my beliefs through healthy eating, living healthy and eating healthy food that’s tailored to your needs, delivered fresh to your door, that’s something I believe in strongly, that’s the reason why I can sell the product, that’s the reason why there is no one on earth I can’t sell the product to, apart from no one can tell me they can’t eat my food, no one can tell me its not good for them because I try and find every loophole that I can to feed them

Rachel: And how old are you? Do you mind me asking?

Marco: 27

Rachel: And how did you arrive at this mindset, as a child what were you like, what was school like, what were your ambitions and what did you want to do?

Marco: From a young age at school I used to just want to finish the work more than anything and anyone and quicker than anyone. Not saying I was the smartest kid because I definitely wasn’t the smartest kid but just wanted to make sure my writing was done so if it was writing on the board most of the time the teacher would write something on the board and you would have to copy it and to me that was boring I would think ok lets run through this and get this all done quickly. Because I would get it done quickly, I would get bored it didn’t stretch me. I then disrupted the lessons because I was in a position where I had done my work and I was waiting for everyone else, disrupt the lesson because in that position.
At school giving teacher the smart answer, she’s telling me I need GCSEs to succeed but I would tell her I don’t need them, I will tell my teachers I will succeed anyway and they were going to remember me. I believed it. Even from a young age I knew that I was going to be successful I believed from a young age I was going to be a millionaire and believed from a young age that I would have anything I wanted in life. I believed that whatever I wanted I could have.

Rachel: Amazing that’s quite rare, did you have family influences or role models that helped cultivate that mindset or do you think it was something internal?

Marco: I think it is something internal because my mother and father were split up from a young age, my mother used to work all the time and my grandparents used to look after me. My father used to collect me every two weeks at the weekend. I didn’t really get to know him as such then until an older age when I understood but none of them are entrepreneurs. They are passionate and driven with their work rate but I feel their passion and drive was wasted on what they were doing. You understand where they could only go so far. Where you know if they had used their mentality like the mentality that I got, which has evolved from them which I’ve had within me is not something that I’ve learnt, it’s something that I’ve believed in, I just believed that I was a winner, I believed that everything I did in my life, I wanted to be the best at and if I wasn’t the best then I would do something else that I was the best at because I’m not going to sit here and kid you and say he’s not doing that because he’s rubbish at it well of course, why am I going to stick to something that I’m not good at. I’m going to do something that I’m good at, I’m the best. It’s that I want to be the best at it so doing something you’re the best at. Don’t focus on something you’re not that the best at. It’s a waste of time. You have to be real with yourself be real with yourself and you have to be in a position where you’re like ok I’m not that good at that so why am I going to do it, lets do something im good at. If I know I'm going to be good at that I know that I can work it into the simplest form, if I work hard at this can I be the best at it, well of course you can be the best at anything you focus and put your mind, it means your heart needs to be believing that you can do it and build that momentum to focus on and doing it to succeed.

Rachel: Excellent, do you have a sports background by any chance?

Marco: Well football has been in my life from a young age. My father taking me to football. I would always do sports not through school but outside school, I used to love sports. I would say I love football. I knew I would never be a footballer, simple fact I was a bit overweight when I was younger but not only that I wasn’t quick enough and also it wasn’t something where if I worked hard at it is it going to put me in a position that I want it to as a footballer, I’m still getting told what to do. Someone is still telling me what to do, I’ve still got a manager above me and I didn’t like the thought of being told what to do. That’s something that I found hard. I wanted to be the captain of my ship. I wanted to not only be the captain, I wanted to build the ship and the build the motor so no one could turn round to me and say whats wrong with the motor, don’t worry because I will sort it because I done this and I done that. I'm a control freak in that sense.

Rachel: I can see it takes those traits to build the type of company that you’ve built. Phenomenal. Exactly, and I can see why.

Marco: I’m still not happy with it though. The company is in a position where I’m still not happy. You know we’ve turning over £80,000 every month at the moment and I’m still not happy and we’re only a year into the company. As an outsider talking to me and saying it’s a massive success is nothing, then I think to myself no. That’s nothing. To me that’s nothing, what do you mean that’s nothing because this company has a lot more growth or success to come. I’m not happy yet and I think that’s what’s a good thing as well. Well I'm not happy with that which is pushing me to get to where I am and where I need to be.

Rachel: Which entrepreneurs that inspire you?

Marco: I don’t really have anyone who inspires me. I just sort of put someone on a target range where I want to reach your target and overtake you that’s how I see it so I will say no one inspires me. I don’t read or follow anyone or the books or believe in them as  a person.  People who inspire me are like sports personalities people who are entertaining, inspire me because they are entertaining. People who will succeed they don’t inspire me because they’ve just got the same belief as I have got but their evolution of success, for example if I’m going to look at someone say Bill Gates, he's 40-50 years old, his mindframe is only going to be so far. My mindframe is going to be a lot further. My children’s mindframe is going to be a lot further then mine when it comes to succeeding because they are going to be opened up to a bigger world a more evolved world a new generation. Every year that a child is born they’re evolving  they are much stronger, a person who is younger than me for example my child will be a lot stronger than me when it comes to my mind and my success because I believe I am a stronger more focused person than my father and I believe that my son will be a more stronger focused person than myself. Then if he isn’t than his son is. There’s always an evolution. I don’t believe anyone above me who older than inspires me  they just give me the barrier that I need to be able to reach through so I want to be worth more than bill gates and he is someone that I see as a barrier where I want to pass that barrier because he has created a company that’s revolutionised the world, why cant I create something that can revolutionise the world. I can, I believe I can. Is it my time yet, maybe not. Maybe in 5 years when I’ve got all the knowledge that I’ve created and the couple of big businesses that I have. Will I have that knowledge, then potentially yes.

Rachel: So what is your definition of success?

Marco: My definition of success is to be on my own island free from anything in the world and being able to live off my land and just lie my life in happiness and that’s my life. But to do that you need money so I need money to be happy not because I like to spend money, not because of that, because I want to be free. So to be free I want to have my own island so when people say you just want money, no I want money so I can be free because then I don’t have to think about everything.

Rach: Don’t want to worry about bills etc

Marco: So no I will have my own island so the bills will be generated by myself so I can make something on the island and generate these things.

Rach: This leads me on nicely to another question I have. if you were stranded on a desert island which three things would you take with you?

Marco: Ok the first would be a knife so I can kill, live off the land whether its crops animals, vegetation, the second thing would probably be flames, not flames, matches, flint so I could create fire and probably a water purifier so if I did starve I've got the main essentials to live my life where the purifier will be used to purify the salt water to keep me alive.

Rach: Your so driven and determined you must have your moments of doubt but it doesn’t seem like you do. If you do how do you overcome that?

Marco: Well everyday I set myself a target, a target where I need to be able to be making so much money each day so I've set myself a target each month and my target for that day each month for example my target last month was so much. Give you an example, my target for my day was to earn 10 quid a day so my target this month is to earn £11 a day and by a certain time if I am not on course to hit my target then I need to do something in that day to make sure that I'm hitting that target that keeps me falling downwards in my success towards sales so that is one of the reasons, sales is a major part of my life to generate sales is what's gonna keep the business going so I set myself a target where I make sure that I'll be earning this much money everyday so then I’m always on top of it.

Rachel: Is Pro Gains your first business or have you had previous businesses that you’ve ran?

I’ve ran businesses for other people. Which is strip clubs and bars and like events.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned working for others?

Marco: That I cant work for no one else, that’s my biggest lesson because of how passionate I am with anything you can put me in control of. If you put me in charge of something I'm in control of it. My opinions need to be heard, my voice needs to be heard or it will never work. You know where this a partnership the person who is in a partnership, me for example they need to be listening to what I'm saying and going with it then there is something I can bring to the table. I'm not someone where I know everything but I'm the sort of person where lets simplify it down, get this done, get this done, get this done. You go and do it and I basically dissect the business and how to succeed how to basically get it done instead of saying this can take 2 months. I had a meeting the other day for example with a new business venture that I'm getting involved with and they were telling me how it was gonna take two months and they explained to me and from what you just told me, I could get it done in three days and how is it taking you two months. Oh yeah, so there you go then, so don’t say to me it takes 3 month lets get it done in three days. It's obviously something that I do, I cant listen to them. I cant listen to anyone telling me what to do. That’s probably the problem that I have. Through the business that I've learnt, I cant listen to anyone.

: I see that’s one of the biggest lessons that you’ve learnt and the answer is to believe in yourself.

Belive in yourself

If you could have a dinner party with anyone dead or alive, who would you want to attend?

Just out of heart, it is Thierry Henry an arsenal centre forward just for who he was and who he was to me as my childhood. Second would be the rock cos he is one of the most entertaining men in sport, he can lift a crowd and motivate a crowd. For me motivational people that can make people motivated and excited that’s amazing. Bill gates will be another, also the Queen.

Rachel: Why the Queen?

Marco: There's a lot of things I want her to answer. The questions the people want an answer to. The truth about some stuff. Stuff I want tto know about the government or maybe other things. I want to know about these things. See if I can open her up and see what her opinion on things are. What's her role in life. Ok she rules England but whats her real role in life and what is she doing. What does she do on a day to day basis. What does she believe in what does she believe the world should look like, how does she feel like the world should be looking like. Whats her opinions. This of course would be in a secretive non recorded room. Obviously as some people struggle to express their opinions and then it was out of two it was either one of the Rothschilds, owner of the family of all the banks or there is a guy called Chris Niarchos who created a sales company called Cobra and through growing up and learning sales, he did several things, and used to work for sky and so forth. He is a founder of a company called Cobra and he started his empire, sales empire by selling calculators stationery so went from selling stationery to creating a sales empire in teaching other people how to sell products, through them getting contracts through sky digital and products for selling insulation, gas, electric. I think he's Cypriot, no Greek.
Rachel: Is that your background?

Marco: Yes I'm Cypriot. It would be good to have him so the way he speaks the way he is what his visions are, what he believes, what he’s actually thinking and what he believes, just what's inside his mind. Queen for answers, Rothschild, Chris Niarchos to see what's inside his mind and Thierry Henry and The Rock, for their presence on a sports field.

Rachel: I know we’re half way through 2016, what have been the best highlights so far?

Marco: The best highlight for me probabably is my prediction that I started off in December in a 40 sq ft unit to then predicting that in 3 months down the line the unit that I was moving into in January was gonna be bigger. I was gonna exceed it and then having to move into another one and by march this year I did what I did and I moved into another unit. I moved in January to a unit and then by march I needed to move into a bigger one. I am now the owner of 2 units which my companies are running there, 3000sq ft units and we’re producing over 10000 meals a week in those units, so that is my highlight and we are no where where we need to be.

Rach: As we are coming to a close I just need to ask you one final question what do you think is the single greatest invention/idea of the past 50 years?

Marco: I would say solar panels. Just something so simple for the simple fact that it will cost us no money in the future and that is going to be a major part of our lives in the future because electricity is so needed and we don’t understand how much solar panels and not having to generate electricity and just generating it from the mother earth which is the sun, so lets generate this power to me is something so simple so simple and effective and is something that can run for years and years and years as long as you clean them obviously. With electricity we need internet we need everything. So I cant turn around and say electricity because it was invented before 50 years ago.

Rachel: Marco it has been wonderful having such a great insight into such a great man, you are so determined and so driven and I can imagine a lot of people watching the video can see why you are successful and why you will continue to be successful with Pro Gains and all your other businesses will go from strength to strength.

Marco: Like I said I’m nothing special. It’s just yourself, if you believe in something and you believe you can do anything  and you focus so much of your time and your effort into something where people work 9-5 those hours that you spend working for someone else those vital hours that they could focus on what they wanted to do and they focus all there life on that don’t tell me with in a year of doing that that you cant do the same so I don’t believe I'm doing anything amazing but focusing my time on important things in life. I don’t go out and drink I don’t go out and smoke. I don’t go out and do anything. My life is my work. My work is my life. That’s how it is I'm not where I need to be I don’t deserve to go out and drink what am I celebrating. I'm not celebrating nothing I don’t need to. There is nothing I need to celebrate and its quite psychotic how I am with it but you have to be like that. If you want to get to somewhere as quick as I am and I'm still not there yet. You have to be obsessed. The only way to succeed is obsession you have to be obsessed.

Rach: Do you think that you will ever be successful because you have such a high level.

Marco: Probably not, maybe I will be at a stage where I will not be so obsessed with my time and my time will be taken to like, I get to enjoy things like I went out for a meal last night with my fiancée and I had the opportunity to do that where before I wasn’t in that position where I thought hold on to spend £60,£70,£80 pounds on food, would be stupid of me when I could focus on spending time at home trying to make money. Now I can afford to just not be as obsessed as when I first started. But You need to be obsessed at the start, 100% fully committed to reap the benefits. The more time goes, the more time, the less obsession will be. That obsession that I've got will be bought onto someone else who I employ because it will be their obsession to keep them in a job.

Rachel: I understand your work ethic, I know you mentioned your meal yesterday but do you have downtime, time to unwind some people use meditation or things like that or is it just one speed full speed ahead.

Marco: Its either 0 miles an hour or 100 miles an hour. Either I'm  asleep or 100 miles an hour. There's no one in between. I can't seem to relax. If I do relax I'm agitated I sit here and I'm agitated. I'm sitting here and I've done all my work. I'm sitting here with my fiancé and I'm thinking to myself we need to go and do something to keep my mind busy and active unless I exhausted and fall asleep. I don’t spend time watching TV or anything like that. If the TV is on, it's on I'm not watching it. It doesn’t even register with me. The only thing I would watch on TV are documentaries,  I enjoy animal programmes. I enjoy watching the  evolution.  I believe we are all from the evolution of some sort of animal. You know each individual, we evolved from something. I enjoy watching the characteristics of animals I enjoy that. Yeah it’s a bit weird.

Rach: No not at all, like I said thank you very much Marco, it has been fantastic speaking with you.

Marco: Thank you for coming out this morning.

Rach: And the viewers as well will find this very....

Marco: Well I hope I can motivate everyone and if I can motivate someone thy can be motivated and they can motivate someone else that’s an endless circle where we are gonna be able to help each other.

Rach: I agree.

Marco: Thank you Rachel, cheers.

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