Nutrition Habits of Cristiano Ronaldo - 5th Highest Paid Celebrity of 2016

31 year old Cristiano Ronaldo, who played alongside his Portugal teammates and beat the hosts, France to win the Euro 2016 trophy earlier this year, has is earnings over the last 12 months before tax, calculated to be a hefty $88,000,000. He charts joint fourth on the highest paid celebrity list, the same position as Dr Phil. As a result, Real Madrid player, Ronaldo is the highest paid athlete on the Forbes list and ESPN claims that Ronaldo is currently the world's most famous athlete.

I won't write anymore about Ronaldo's great achievements and accolades as this information is easily accessible online and the purpose of this article is to focus on Cristiano's nutrition habits. This blog post is the fifth in the YouRCooK Nutrition Habits series which looks at what the top 100 highest paid celebrities of 2016 eat and drink. Over the course of the remaining 95 days, I will somehow explore these celebrities nutrition habits and see if there is a link between high earnings and good nutrition (what does good nutrition even mean?).  I have not found sufficient evidence as yet to confirm or disprove whether the wealthiest celebrities have a so called 'healthier' diet but only time will tell whether an association exists.

You must also bare in mind that the information that I present is sourced from online sources and is only as accurate as the data provided. I will make the effort to contact each celebrity on the list or their agent and ask them for a list of what they tend to eat and drink but lets be realistic, they are quite unlikely to reply to me as they have more important things to be getting on with. Maybe one day I will be pleasantly surprised and receive a response about their nutrition but until such a day arrives, you will have to make do with the information I find, inaccurate or accurate.

As an elite footballer at the top of his game, Ronaldo needs the right type of nutrition to fuel his football lifestyle.

So what does Ronaldo consume?

I already new half the answer due to my stint as a Herbalife Representative in 2012, yes I was a 'wellness coach' assisting people to live healthier active lifestyles for a short while. At the time Ronaldo was a Herbalife ambassador and he still is. I remember seeing videos and photographs of him consuming a range of Herbalife products. Recently, Herbalife 24 in partnership with Ronaldo has developed a new sports drink called #CR7Drive to fuel your workouts and enhance hydration.


So we know Ronaldo consumes a selection of Herbalife products but what else does he eat and drink?
A combination of personalised nutrition and the intense training regime required to meet the demands of being a world class, high performing sportsman is clearly displayed through Ronaldo's very honed lean physique. There are an abundance of photographs showing his chiselled, washboard six pack abs and so his nutrition definitely plays apart in him maintaining that sort of physical appearance.

Thanks to this article although it is a few years old, we get an insight into Ronaldo's diet. However, it does not reveal any new innovative revolutionary nutrition insights about what types of foods you should eat to help you achieve that lean look. It is now common knowledge really what people eat and how they train to ensure they have that shredded look.

The piece states that Cristiano hardly eats junk food because he wants to limit his fat intake.  Ronaldo also limits his alcohol intake and his breakfast contains fruits, whole grains and natural juices. Lunch usually contains fresh salads, vegetables, chicken and fish and an evening meal is similar. To provide fats for his body, Cristiano prefers to go for salads, which provide carbohydrates rather than sugary foods that increase fats in the body. Cristiano also takes supplements such as Herbalife which provide adequate proteins.

Cristiano Ronaldo eats regularly so his energy levels are high in order to fuel his body for better performance and he sometimes eats up to six small meals a day.

What a revelation! The type of food and drink Ronaldo consumes and the frequency at which he does, is probably what a lot of other athletes do. But for the sake of me not losing interest in this nutrition habit series, especially when it comes to me writing about the highly effective habits of sports champions, I hope there are some surprising differences in the nutrition regimes between athletes, or many of the articles that I will have to write will contain very similar details.  However, that would never be the case as I would try and do my best to make the article interesting somehow.

So, I've now covered Ronaldo's nutrition habits competently or incompetently depending on your opinion and it is evident that Cristiano has to eat 'right' for his sport and he is wealthy
because of the sport he engages in, his phenomenal footballing skills that he possesses and his sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Next in the YouRCooK series of the nutrition habits of the top 100 richest celebrities of 2016, is Comedian and Actor Kevin Hart. I'm not sure how I am going to manage to continue writing about this topic but as I have committed to sharing this with you all over the course of 100 days, I will diligently work my way through the rest of the list, honing my research and writing skills to deliver a riveting blog post that you will be compelled to read from start to finish tomorrow (mmm, yes really).

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