Nutrition Habits of One Direction - 2nd Highest Paid Celebrities of 2016

One Direction

UK musicians, Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry are second on the list of the Forbes World's highest paid celebrities list of 2016 even though they are currently on hiatus at the moment. One Direction charted fourth on the same Forbes list in 2015. Although Zayn Malik departed the band to go solo in 2015, One Direction are actually the top-earning boyband of all time! That is quite an achievement.

Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Harry Styles are all 22 years old and Louis Tomlinson is 25 and collectively as a group, One Direction are worth an estimated $110 Million dollars.  That averages out at approximately $27.5 million each.

So we know the guys have earned a fair bit of money, but more importantly what is there nutrition like?

This article is the second in the nutrition habits of the top 100 highest paid celebrities of 2016 series and over the course of the next 99 days, I will somehow explore every celebrities nutrition habits and see if there is a link between high net worth and good nutrition. 

I will aim to contact each individual celebrity/their agent on the list directly and ask them about their nutrition habits but whilst I am awaiting a response and of course its quite unlikely I will receive any, most of this information will be sourced online from various websites and social media platforms. 

I will do my best to ensure the information is accurate but do not presume it is 100% factually correct because the quality of data is only as good as the information source.

So what do One Direction Probably Like to Eat?

Thanks to this article, we can get a glimpse of what their nutrition might be like but of course this is only a snapshot. Our tastes and food preferences can naturally change over time.

One Direction have had at least one personal chef because Sara Nichols (a personal chef) previously revealed that the guys did not have any outrageous demands. She said that Liam liked bacon steak and veg, Louis was not fussy and eats anything and can you believe it Special K was his favourite breakfast cereal. Niall liked simple food like sausage and mash, pies, creamy chicken pasta or chicken kiev. Harry on the other hand had more specific dietary requirements because he wanted to beef up at the time. Supposedly back stage at their concerts was an alchohol free zone where Louis drank tea and Harry, Liam and Niall mainly drank water and the occasional fizzy soft drink.
Another article divulged that Liam once said that chocolate is his favourite food and he loves Kentucky Fried Chicken and that he prefers food to not be too hot or spicy.
The same piece also stated that Louis loves Cookies and Pizza hut but hates baked beans. How can anyone not like baked beans. But like the previous article, it is clear that Niall is the biggest foodie out of the One Directioners and has a great love and appreciation of all food. He loves Chinese, Japanese and Italian Food. Nando's and Pizza are also his favourite. Did you also know that Niall likes to bake?

Last but not least is Mr Styles who enjoys to eat frequently and even does so on whilst performing on stage where his food of choice are bananas. This is understandable as bananas contain a unique mix of vitamins, minerals, and low glycemic carbohydrates which come in handy on worldwide tours, providing him  with energy to perform on stage in front of thousands of fans. Harry has also been spotted eating candy floss burgers nachos and sandwiches on stage. The list goes on and Harry also eats organic guacomole, he likes sweetcorn and tacos but betroot is definitely not on his favourite foods list.

I looked at One Direction's instagram account and their account is probably one of the very few on instagram that hardly has any pictures of food of them unlike this one. I found one picture containing a solitary potato which the guys had jokingly labelled the newest member of One Direction.

One D Potato
I have attempted to share with you what the One Direction guys might like to eat. It appears they have an eclectic mix of food preferences as you would expect.

So the second highest paid celebrities of 2016 eating habits have been explored and as I make my through the 98 others on the Forbes list, I will be able to make a better assessment of whether a certain type of nutrition preference is more prevalent amongst the world's wealthiest celebrity.

Return to tomorrow where the nutrition habits of author James Patterson with a net worth of $95 Million will be revealed. This is of course if his nutrition habits are in the public domain (aka online) otherwise the article tomorrow will be very brief.

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