Nutrition Habits of Taylor Swift - The Highest Paid Celebrity Of 2016

Musician Taylor Swift has topped the Forbes World's highest paid celebrities list of 2016. She has landed the number 1 position. Congratulations Taylor Swift! At the age of 26, Taylor is worth an estimated $170 Million dollars. That is a whole lot of money. But more importantly what is her nutrition like? This article should be a refreshing respite from all the other online items where alot of them focus on whether Taylor Swift's romances are genuine or fake and who she is dating. 

This article is the first in the nutrition habits of the top 100 highest paid celebrities series and over the course of 100 days, I will somehow explore every celebrities nutrition habits and see if there is a link between high net worth and good nutrition. 

I will aim to contact each individual celebrity/their agent on the list directly and ask them about their nutrition but whilst I am awaiting a response and of course its quite unlikely I will receive any, most of this information will be sourced online from various websites and social media platforms. 

I will do my best to ensure the information is accurate but do not presume it is 100% correct as the quality of data is only as good as the information source.

So what does Taylor Swift Probably Eat?

By the looking through her Instagram,Twitter and Facebook accounts and a Vogue article, I have managed to glean some kind of insight into Taylor Swift's eating habits over the years. There are no pictures of her eating as such but there is food in some of her pictures where;

- pancakes are in front of her,
- m&m cookies and chai sugar cookies with cinnamon eggnog are on baking trays,
- she is with a group of people making a flag cake,
- a baked apple pie is displayed,
- she is holding salmon on a tray,
- she is pictured with a group holding pizzas.

The above information does not give away much but an interest in baking perhaps but luckily a What Taylor Swift Actually Eats in a Day article on provides some more details about Taylor's eating habits.  
Bon Appetit asked Taylor Swift in 2014, What six foods are always in your refrigerator? Taylor Swift replied:

1. Eggs. I love making buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg on top. It’s my go-to breakfast.
2. Thinly sliced ham and chicken from the deli. I like to always have the option to make someone a sandwich.
3. Orange juice. I drink it with breakfast every morning.
4. Diet Coke. Because it understands me.
5. Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.
6. There’s always some sort of binge food–like a tube of cinnamon rolls or a giant tub of cookie dough. Because I’m that girl.

In the same article Taylor Swift said her favourite meal  in Nashville is sweet-potato pancakes at Pancake Pantry and a close second is the margherita pizza at City House or anything else on their menu.

But it seems that quite a lot of the food above is most likely consumed at weekends as Taylor has mentioned that she eats a lot of salads, yogurt and sandwiches and avoids sugary drinks during the week.

Well I hope you were able to have a glimpse of what Taylor Swift may or may not be consuming and whether you class it as healthy/balanced nutrition is up to you. Is there a link between eating a good balanced diet and high net worth? Probably. Arguably when you are wealthy, it is easier to eat more healthily for a myriad of reasons such as you are able to hire the best personal chefs who can prepare quality fresh food for you throughout your day and your budget for food is unlikely to be restricted.

Either way, Taylor Swift is a successful musician and no doubt has worked incredibly hard to get where she has and quality nutrition to fuel her through her days is very important.
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