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When you’re working long and hard with a lack of time and motivation to prepare food, a healthy diet becomes an afterthought. Serving London (anywhere inside the M25), Fresh Fitness Food is a meal delivery service for a London lifestyle. Its very foundations lie in the pressures that a London lifestyle puts on healthy living.

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When Jared Williams, a former city lawyer, found he couldn’t eat the way he wanted to because of the London lifestyle, Fresh Fitness Food was born. He believed people should be able to dedicate themselves to their work and still be able to eat a healthy, nutritious diet.

He transferred this belief into Fresh Fitness Food, which is underpinned by four ideas:

Food is powerful and life changing
Food needs to be unique to you
Consistency is key in getting results
Busy lives mean the right food isn’t always available

These ideas drive Fresh Fitness Food’s mission to help busy people live healthy lives with tasty, nutritious food.

It’s all about you

Fresh Fitness Food is focused on you as an individual. This is clear from the outset with five different packages available for customisation:

Fat loss, including paleo
Muscle gain and performance
Lean gains
Competition preparation
Summer body package

When choosing your package, you’re asked whether you know your macro split. If you do, you can put the information in. If you don’t, you input your height, weight, and age. Then Fresh Fitness Food tells you what macros you need to achieve your goal. Talk about individual programming.

But any personalised service wouldn't be complete without asking you what you like and dislike. Fresh Fitness Food doesn’t disappoint. As well as specifying which foods you don’t like you can also outline any allergies or dietary requirements, such as halal or vegan diets.

Based on the information you’ve provided, meals are designed by a nutritionist, prepared by chefs, and delivered to you.
Quality, convenience, results

Fresh Fitness Food is driven by delivering three things to customers: quality, convenience, and results. Fresh Fitness Food excels in each one.


Nutrition is a complex thing. Many of us don’t fully understand it and fail to plan our meals with the proper nutrition. Fresh Fitness Food uses nutritionists to ensure each meal has the right balance of macronutrients.

Once meals are designed they are freshly prepared by professional chefs with Michelin star affiliation. These guys are some of the best. But chefs are limited by the quality of their ingredients.

That’s why Fresh Fitness First is partnered with long-established, premium, local suppliers for all of its ingredients. This includes specific suppliers for fruit, meat, and seafood. As you can imagine, these are some of the best, freshest ingredients you can get in London.

Not only are meals tasty and nutritious, they’re different every day. The entire menu changes daily and you’ll go three whole weeks before you see the same recipe twice.

What does this all amount to? Quality meals tailored specifically to your training and nutritional needs.


Not satisfied with the convenience of simply preparing your meals, Fresh Fitness Food is organised to go with the flow of a fast-paced London lifestyle.

Meals are delivered to your home or office every day by 6am
They come in fox- and weather-proof cold boxes
You can specify exactly where you want meals to be left
You don’t need to sign for anything or be present at the time of delivery

This means you can have meals delivered to your office reception or left behind your hedge in the front garden. And if you think the local foxes might make off with your box, you can provide a key for the delivery person to stash the food inside.

Then when you’ve eaten all your meals for the day you simply leave the box where you found it. The next morning you’ll have a new box with your meals for the day.


As the name might suggest, Fresh Fitness Food is focused on helping you improve your performance through your diet. Meals are designed to get you results. From packing on muscle, increasing athletic performance, or reducing body fat percentage, Fresh Fitness Food meals deliver.

Boasting pro athlete customers from rugby to rowing to weightlifting, the effectiveness of meal nutrition can’t be denied. And the roster of nutritional needs and outcomes is broad, proving Fresh Fitness Food really can deliver on whatever your training needs are.

The testimonials page is full of top-level athletes from all sorts of disciplines, as well as high-flying professionals with an appetite for fitness.

London living doesn’t need to be unhealthy

Fresh Fitness Food proves you can live a fast-paced, high-flying London life and still get the proper nutrition you need to be a top-performing athlete. Designed around your bespoke dietary needs and convenience, Fresh Fitness Food is a great choice for a healthy meal delivery service in London.

Overview of Fresh Fitness Food

Delivers only in the London area (with the M25)
Prices start from £20 per day
Meals are delivered daily before 6am
Meals are based on your specific dietary needs
Different meals everyday and new menu every three weeks

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