Interview with Eat Elite Founder - Kieran Congdon

I asked Kieran Congdon the Founder of Eat Elite a few questions. See what he has to say and also find out what links Beyonce, Rihanna, Connor McGregor, Dwayne Johnson and Dan Blizarian. To find out more about Eat Elite - Professional Nutrition please visit our previous blog post here.

Rachel Garwood: When I spoke to you a while ago, you mentioned that you didn't believe in the concept of healthy eating, please tell us more about this?
Kieran Congdon: In my opinion I don't think anything (in terms of nutrition) is healthy or unhealthy. It's the moderation for that person that makes something healthy or unhealthy. For example you should consume water in moderation because if you drink too much it can actually kill you. By not drinking water you can also die. The same  goes if we use another example of a typical 'unhealthy' food source such as a Mars bars. One Mars bar per week isn't going to cause diabetes, high cholesterol, increase bodyfat or obesity etc. However 6 Mars bars each day, 7 days a week may be a problem because the amount (moderation) is too high. The same applies to any food source. I'm a huge believer in variety and this is why Eat Elite has over 100 dishes rotating for every delivery.

Rachel Garwood: You have a personal training and nutritionist background. What have you found to be the biggest barriers that prevent people from making better nutrition choices?
Kieran Congdon: Definitely knowledge. The government/NHS don't even know what advice to give out to people to help them, so how are the general public meant to make better nutrition choices!? This is the reason why each client of Eat Elite is given a dedicated nutrition advisor who is always on the end of the phone if the client has any questions.

Rachel Garwood: What key piece of advice can you offer to those who are struggling with getting their nutrition right now?
Kieran Congdon: Join Eat Elite. Ha! If someone is struggling I would suggest they do their own research on the net. Or if they're really serious and enjoy nutrition, maybe even look at doing a nutrition course. The Body Type Nutrition Academy Foundation Course is a great beginner course where you can learn the basics that will help you for life. If it's totally new to someone and they don't have a clue about anything nutrition wise, I would advise getting in touch with someone who knows what they're doing and has had many clients (with results) with a similar lifestyle to them e.g. working mum, desk workers, business owners etc, as they will all have their own lifestyle barriers.

Rachel Garwood: You recently opened up a Healthy Café, please tell us more about this and the types of meals you serve there?
Kieran Congdon: The food we serve in the cafe is the same as the food on the national delivery Eat Elite service - local, british, restaurant quality food fully cooked ready to be eaten cold or heated up. We change the menu twice per week in the cafe so customers can increase their variety and they have something different to eat each time they come in. Variety = consistency and consistency = RESULTS!

Rachel Garwood: What has been your biggest challenge in running Eat Elite and how have you overcome this?
Kieran Congdon: The biggest challenge in running Eat Elite has got to be the impact it has had on my own lifestyle. I've found myself prioritising work stuff over my own training/social time and cutting myself off from everyone and everything which isn't business related. I've acknowledged I need my down time to improve work efficiency as it isn't good for my social life or the business.

Rachel Garwood: What inspires you?
Kieran Congdon: My family, people who think I can't do something and everyone that has ever screwed me over in the past and me not wanting to be average is what inspires me.

Rachel Garwood: Who is the entrepreneur you most admire and why?
Kieran Congdon: I don't really have one. I admire anyone who started with nothing and now has everything.

Rachel Garwood: If you could have a dinner party with 5 attendees dead or alive, who would they be and why?
Kieran Congdon: Rihanna, Beyonce, Connor McGregor, Dan Blizarian and Dwayne Johnson. Simply because I think I could learn a lot from all of them and have a REALLY good time in the process! Ha!

Rachel Garwood: If you were stranded on a desert island, which three things would you take with you and why?
Kieran Congdon: Mobile Phone, Water & Pizza. I'd call home and then eat my Pizza and wash it down with bottled water while I wait for rescue.

Rachel Garwood: What do you consider to be the single greatest invention or idea of the past 50 years?
Kieran Congdon: Mobile Phone. In the last 10 years it has transformed the way hundreds of thousands of people live. Some good, some bad but I think the pros definitely overcome the cons of what we can do with only a mobile phone these days.

Rachel Garwood: What has been the highlight of the year so far for Eat Elite?
Kieran Congdon: The highlight of the year has got to be opening the cafe. It's something I didn't plan on doing and it was literally an overnight decision to do so, but definitely a good one. I saw the opportunity and didn't know how I would do it but I took it anyway and thought about how afterwards.

Rachel Garwood: As the Euros and Olympics are this year, will Eat Elite be doing any special promotions to coincide with these events?
Kieran Congdon: I'm not really a football fan but I do enjoy the Olympics so I will probably look into doing something for that, so yes.
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