The Secret To Eternal Youth

What is the secret to eternal youth? Of course it's not vampire's blood as Buffy, Angel, True Blood and The Vampires Diaries etc would have you believe and I was a big fan of Angel and Buffy as a teenager growing up in the late 90s. Can you imagine if you lived for hundreds of years and didn't age a day, living century after century? It's hard to visualise for some of us.

There are projects under way, around the globe that are working to bring such a vision to fruition. Silicon Valley is reportedly investing billions into biotech firms that are seeking to extend the life of humans considerably past the average human lifespan. The longest human life span known/confirmed was 122 years.

Although many of us are living for longer now, the age related illnesses and diseases that besiege us in are twilight years do not seem to be retreating whether it is cancer, dementia, arthritis etc. It would be great if optimum nutrition alone could keep us fit and healthy, but genetics, environmental factors, events and lifestyle choices all impact our mind and body to different degrees.

So how can we define eternal youth?  Well you might view it as simply looking considerably younger in the face and body than others in a similar age group because you might look less weathered and wrinkled.

There are numerous factors that play a role in some of us more successfully and convincingly staving off the ageing process and maintaining a youthful appearance and fit body. Nutrition and exercise are two key contributors and of course plastic surgery, various cosmetic procedures, anti ageing lotions and potions are all available to keep up the facade of looking younger.

Another view of eternal youth might be related to a person's outlook on life and their way of behaving. That person could still have a child like, inquisitive nature and be full of energy and fresh ideas and willing to try new things and experiences, well into their more mature years. Equally, you might agree that both looking younger than your age and having a youthful disposition, defines eternal youthfulness.

Alternatively, the phrase could seem silly to you because you believe that we stop being youthful past a certain age and it is only for the young.

Whatever you think, is your prerogative. Initially I was going to post about foods and drinks that reportedly keep you looking young, healthy and feeling fresh and alert but with a quick Google Search, you can find all the information you are after on this subject.

I don't have a definition of eternal youth necessarily but a wonderful trait that I remember from my childhood and see in children is their excited response to some of the mundane tasks and activities in everyday life that we as adults have to carry out. For example, a weekly shopping trip might not fill us with joy but to a child that is an awesome weekly adventure.

As I progress through my thirties through the ups, downs and plateaus, I must remember to see the beauty and magnificence in everyday life, staying connected, grounded and expectant.  The ability to continue to believe in myself and the goodness in others is what I hope for. I encourage all of you to dream big, be authentic and let your light shine. Just be you because everyone else is already taken.

So if you feel that you could implement some aspect of eternal youthfulness into your life, what would that look like, what would that mean and how would it benefit you and those around you? Please share your views below and I look forward to reading and responding to your comments.

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