Professional Gains Meal Delivery

Professional Gains Meal Delivery

Professional (Pro) Gains is a welcome presence in the UK meal delivery sector and serves an ever growing community of people. Professional Gains has over 420 meal combinations for you to choose from and promotes a successful living ethos.

Professional Gains range of personalised meals are suitable for everyone regardless of your specific nutritional requirements. Bodybuilders, athletes, sportsmen and women, busy workers, people who want to lose weight or fat and everyday people are catered for.

Marco Hajikypri the Founder and CEO of Professional Gains has kindly answered a few questions which gives you more of an insight into Pro Gains and its ethos.  A Professional Gains video interview is also on its way.

Marco on the right hand side

Rachel Garwood: Who do you admire or who are your role models and why?
Marco Hajikypri: My grandfather came to England with £7.50, married off 11 children, supplied them all with a house and business as a wedding present from hard work from the day he moved to England. He worked hard for his next generations freedom.

Rachel Garwood: What is your definition of success?
Marco Hajikypri: Freedom of life, no worries and no stress about anything but waking up each morning just simply to enjoy the world for what it is.

Rachel Garwood: What tips would you share with people to help them achieve their goals in life?
Marco Hajikypri: Visualise your goals, stay focused on them, do not stop and do not worry about people telling you that you're crazy or that you are not being yourself because they won't understand as they are not successful.

Rachel Garwood: What is your favourite film and why?
Marco Hajikypri: Castaway because the determination of Tom hanks in this film to keep track of life while surviving on a desert island for many years, using all the tools at his disposal in attempts to leave the island several times on his custom built raft, proved that not giving up paid off in the end.  He also set himself a mental goal of delivering one of the parcels that was swept onto the island with him from the plane crash that he was on. This motivated him to keep on going and he knew that it would bring satisfaction when this goal was completed.

Rachel Garwood: What do you enjoy the most and find the most challenging as the owner of Professional Gains?
Marco Hajikypri: I wake up every day wanting to talk to as many people as possible about my business and what I do and what it can do for them. There is not a day that I wake up and don't think about Pro Gains and how I can tell people about my amazing company.

Rachel Garwood: Are you able to share any future Pro Gain plans? i.e. Any new meal ranges or new ambassadors etc on the way?
Marco Hajikypri: My company has no plans or direction apart from to impact on the request of people. We are here to listen to the people and give people the best service that they want through a company that supplies them with freshly made nutrition and helps
motivate people to have a successful mindset.

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