8 Dairy Milk Alternatives

When I was very young, I can only recall cow's milk being the only milk available to buy and drink and every morning the milk man would deliver glass bottles of milk with silver bottle tops.

How times have changed over the last decade and so many alternative milks with different flavours are displayed on our shop shelves. We can now buy milks such as:

- Almond Milk

- Coconut Milk

-Flax Milk

-Rice, Quinoa and Hemp Milk

-Oat Milk

-Soy Milk

I've tasted all the above milks apart from flax and quinoa and when I drink milk I try to have the unsweetened almond version due to its low calorie and no sugar content. But two of my favourites that I find very tasty and I drink occasionally are:

alpro dark chocolate almond milk which I drink on its own

and rice dream vanilla organic milk   which I tend to use in oatmeal porridge.

Which milk alternatives to you tend to buy and why? Please comment in the section below.

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