Personalised Airline Meals

The plane food on a recent short haul flight had a variety of meal options but most of them included bread of some sort. However a fruit salad and the salad of the day were also available. Here are some pictures of the onboard menu.

I opted for a gluten free lovemore chocolate brownie and a bottle of water in the rather eye catching blue colour.  Unfortunately as with a lot of gluten free sweet snacks that I've eaten, although the gluten has been extracted, it seems to be replaced with a whole lot of sugar. 

Understandably the type of plane food and its quality is dependent on a range of factors such as the airline carrier, duration of the flight and the flight class. There have been occasions where the flight meals have been tasty but most of the meals I haven't enjoyed very much.

The following websites are dedicated to airline food pictures and food reviews, and On you can search for meals by airline, categories i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner etc, dates and airline class.
There are many airline carriers like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic that have a variety of meals available that can cater to your specific dietary requirements.
An extra step would be personalised meals on board flights, and Air India has realised there is a demand for such a service. According to the India TimesAir India has launched a new personalised meal service for its first and business class passengers on select international flights from New Delhi. The 'Order to Chef' service has been launched in association with the airline's in-flight catering partners TajSats and Sky Gourmet.

I look forward to other airlines providing personalised meals in the near future.

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