UK Meal Delivery Services for Seniors

Meals on wheels services across the UK play an important role in delivering a range of nourishing hot meals to our senior citizens. Many Councils across the UK have information about meals on wheel services listed on their websites. 

Please see a list of links to some meal providers below. This list will grow in due course, so please add additional ones that you know of in the comments section so they can be added to this list.

They deliver two million meals a year to people who have difficulty with shopping, carrying food home or cooking for themselves in their local area. This is a daily service.


They provide a daily hot meals service which delivers across the UK. They deliver these meals in specially-designed vans with built in ovens so  the meals are cooked en-route and reach you hot and ready to eat.

Click on the above link for meal delivery services in the Birmingham area.

This is a frozen food delivery service which serves the UK and can cater for specific diets.

You can also find meal services that cater to your specific dietary needs here.
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