Which Meal Delivery Service?

The Healthy Meal Delivery Services sector has expanded considerably over the past few years which is great because it provides us with more choice.  However, some of us may find the market a bit confusing and are not sure which company to order meals from.   You might have ordered meals without really knowing much about the company and whether the food will taste great or not and if eating their meals will help you accomplish your specific goals.

This is where steps in to help simplify the Meal Delivery Service market for personalised nutrition. We aim to make it easier for you to select the Meal Delivery Companies that might be a better fit for you, depending on your specific requirements such as delivery location, types of meal packages available, calories and nutrient content, the pricing and whether current/past customers are satisfied with the quality of meals and service from the respective companies.

You can currently order meals from meal delivery companies listed in our directory and over the course of the next few months you will be able to order meals directly from our growing number of exclusive Meal Delivery Partner stores on the YouRCooK site.

We will also be featuring articles on each of the YouRCooK Meal Delivery Partners in the upcoming months.

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