The Walsall based healthy meal delivery service, Pro Body Meals supplies chef made flavoursome meals across the UK that are free from preservatives, additives, sweeteners and simple sugars. Pro Body Meals ensure their customers consume high quality ingredients which are locally sourced where possible and inspired from cuisines such as Indian, Italian, Japanese and Mexican.

All types of dietary requirements are catered for including paleo, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free and The Pro Body Meals packages and pricing is as follows:

Do you want to brighten up your meal times? With Sun Basket, you can. The delivery service offers fresh organic ingredients from all over the country delivered straight to your door. Former Head chef of the award winning The Slanted Door restaurant, Justine Kelly, is behind Sun Basket and crafts deceptively simple and delicious recipes for you to follow at home.

Say goodbye to grocery shopping. Clients can choose between two menus, The Classic and the The Family. The Classic consists of three recipes per week which works out as two to four servings coming in at $11.49 per serving. The Family aims to feed you and your little ones and offers two to four recipes per week, four servings per recipe, $ 9.99 per serving. You can choose any meals you like each week from recipes carefully crafted to be just as delicious as the last. Meals are ready within 30 minutes.

Nutrifit established in 1987 has a 30 year history for caring about your wellbeing. That’s why alongside providing a variety of meal plans to suit everyone, the company also provides health and nutrition educational services to help you be the best version of yourself.

Clients can choose from customised meal plans, each one designed to do something different. Plans range from weight management to food to feed the whole family. There is even a plan called ‘Body after Baby’ to give mothers the energy they need to look after their little ones and get back into shape.

Macrobox Meals cook so you don’t have to. The meal delivery service offers fresh, delicious and nutritious meals that come packed with herbs, spices and quality cuts of protein and are delivered straight to your door.

At Macrobox they don’t believe in diets, instead they provide a lifestyle change that kickstarts with positive eating habits.  They don’t think you need to be unrealistically skinny and eat bland foods to be healthy. Instead it’s about loving food, feeling great and having oodles of energy to live your life to the fullest.

If we had the choice, we would all make delicious food every day. Sadly, this takes a lot of time and effort and when you are caught up with a busy life, it can be impossible to do. That’s where The Meal Prep comes in, a food delivery service to solve all your meal time problems.

The Meal Prep provides healthy and convenient meals so you can spend time doing the things you love. Hand made by real chefs, the meals use high quality ingredients which are low in sodium, contain no artificial flavours or refined sugars and offer gluten free options.

1.Time - Busy
2. Money - Grocery shopping costs
3. Cooking Skills - struggle to make falvoursome meals with variety
4. Motivation/Effort - willpower to cook
5. Other members in household eat other meals
6. Cravings/lack of willpower - eat things you shouldn't
7. Eating out alot/celebrations etc, parties
8. when not at home not eating sensibly, i.e. travel with work, or eat unhealthily at work
9. Not sure how to meal prep effectively
10. Need a support group, surrounded by others eating healthily

Have you lost weight and gradually regained it? Perhaps you have been a bit heavier than you would like for as long as you can remember or there is some other reason why you would like to transform your body and cultivate more balanced nutrition habits.

We are well aware that some of us are privileged to have access to a vast selection of foods. Whether that is buying a range of fresh ingredients from the grocery store to make meals from scratch, or purchasing ready made meals to be heated up and eaten. Dining out at restaurants and ordering food online to be delivered to our doorstep are also options.

We also know that food is not created equally, there are many different types and its constituents and nutrients vary and the food and quantities we consume can have different affects on our mind and body dependent on a numerous factors.

When you’re working long and hard with a lack of time and motivation to prepare food, a healthy diet becomes an afterthought. Serving London (anywhere inside the M25), Fresh Fitness Food is a meal delivery service for a London lifestyle. Its very foundations lie in the pressures that a London lifestyle puts on healthy living.

If you would like a discount off your first order, visit the Fresh Fitness Food Site and use the following codes at their online checkout

YOURCOOK10 for 10% off your Fresh Fitness Food order

When Jared Williams, a former city lawyer, found he couldn’t eat the way he wanted to because of the London lifestyle, Fresh Fitness Food was born. He believed people should be able to dedicate themselves to their work and still be able to eat a healthy, nutritious diet.

For those of you who enjoy cooking and would like some new meal ideas, YouRCooK Ambassador Gavin Townsend is launching videos on cooking, recipes and healthy nutrition tips.

We are looking forward to seeing what delights he can rustle up. Follow him on
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For a preview of whats to come, please visit here.

In the pictures below, Gavin is in his outdoor kitchen surrounded by fresh ingredients and great tasting, colourful smoothies.                             

I asked Kieran Congdon the Founder of Eat Elite a few questions. See what he has to say and also find out what links Beyonce, Rihanna, Connor McGregor, Dwayne Johnson and Dan Blizarian. To find out more about Eat Elite - Professional Nutrition please visit our previous blog post here.

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