Over the years many meal prep and meal kit delivery services have sprung up to provide healthier convenience food. As the creator of YouRCooK, I have observed how healthy meal delivery services effectively attract customers and loyal fans.

Wholesome2Go are a healthy meal delivery company based in Malibu, California and serve the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. For a list of the zip codes, please visit here. The company is owned and managed by chef James Barry and his wife Magaret who is a nutritional therapist.

Eat Organix is not only an organic and gluten free Los Angeles meal prep delivery service which aims to provide tasty, flavor-filled meals using fresh and locally sourced ingredient, but they also offer nutritional consulting to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Organix has a sustainable, green and eco-friendly approach to operating their business.  For example, their containers are bio-degradable, menus and business cards are made from either plants or recycled paper and their ice packs and bags are non-toxic and reusable.

The company was setup by Tammy Nguyen and Faby Niswonger. Co-Founder,Tammy moved from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles and is a trained chef having graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. She also specializes in holistic nutrition. Tammy has a love and passion for fitness and healthy eating and so she founded Eat Organix with her best friend Faby.

In 2016 the worldwide market for food delivery was an estimated €83 billion, or one percent of the total food market and four percent of food sold through restaurants and fast-food chains according to Mckinsey Research.

In the UK, the takeaway sector was worth an estimated £9 billion of which £5.5 billion is through the takeaway delivery sector, according to JustEat and Morgan Stanley analysts estimate that the $30 billion US online food delivery sector could potentially reach $210 billion

CGA Peach in March 2016 reported that 28.6 million British consumers during a recent six month period had food delivered. One in five (19%) received a delivery at least weekly, and two in five (39%) get a takeaway at least monthly.

Andre Marotti co-founded Crateful LA in the Autumn of 2015,  and his company is listed as one of the Top 5 Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Los Angeles by Angeleno Magazine and CBS Los Angeles. Crateful LA provides gourmet lunches and dinners created by a team that includes Michelin Star Chef Cristina Bowerman and celebrity nutritionist Alyse Levine.

Crateful meals are inspired by Andres's Italian heritage with gourmet meals prepared using locally-sourced and organic ingredients. Crateful LA have the following meal plans available which are Chef, Fit, Vegetarian and Paleo which start from $30 per day.

Crateful offers 42 different meals per Menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a two week rotation and cater for food allergies and intolerances.

Takeout Kit is a Playa Vista, California recipe box subscription service which delivers to most US States, Hawaii and Alaska including to APO overseas addresses. Takeout Kit was founded by CEO Rachael Lake and to find out why, please watch the video above.

Their mission is create two month shelf life global-inspired kits which provide you with the opportunity to create tasty cuisine infused with tantalizing flavours.

Takeout Kit is different from your standard recipe box delivery service because the ingredients in Takeout Kit's meal kit boxes have a shelf life of up to two months. Whereas with the likes of Blue Apron, Plated, and HelloFresh, you have to use the ingredients within a few days before they go stale and you can end up wasting food unnecessarily.

Vegin' Out is a vegan and vegetarian meal delivery service based in Los Angeles, California and was founded by Chef Tim Boissy with his brother Dan Boissy in 2008. The current owner of Vegin' Out is Shad Loh.

Vegin' Out deliver one week's worth of meals at a time. There is 9-10 vegan meals in a single order. A meal consists of one serving of a vegan entrée and one serving each of two different vegan side dishes. All their meals are lunch and dinner food and are completely vegan and
their weekly menus are rotated to provide customers with a variety of dishes.

Each Vegin' Out vegan dish is low fat (sometimes oil-free), cholesterol free, trans-fat free, dairy free, egg free, cruelty free, calcium caseinate free and free from meat and honey. All their dishes are made with locally sourced and organic ingredients as much as possible. 
Vegin' Out can also cater to special dietary requests including gluten free, soy free and nut free and all of the nutritional information for  their meals are listed on their website.

Losing weight is hard. Whether you are trying to shift a couple of pounds or a little bit more, it can be difficult to find the motivation to change your diet and even harder to resist temptation. Klean LA aims to help you to reach your optimum weight and maintain it.

CEO and founder, Kiki Heinzer, created the company with once intention: to help people live longer, more fulfilled lives by providing access to convenient, high quality food. With personal experience of fighting weight gain and a degree from Stanford University, Kiki is well equipped to dish out advice. Teamed with her excellent marketing skills (she spearheaded a number of successful Nike campaigns), the business has gone from strength to strength. Clients range from celebrities to stay at home mums who keep coming back for more.

We would like to introduce you to Muscle Up Meals, a Los Angeles, California based healthy meal management service. Adam set up Muscle Up Meals in 2015 after losing weight, around 202 lbs by changing his eating habits and hitting the gym.

The Muscle Up Meals slogan, Eat Up, To Muscle Up aptly describes a healthy meal delivery company that provides fitness meal prep, and healthy meal prep services for weight loss, muscle gain, and general healthy lifestyle maintenance.

Muscle Up Meals deliver fresh meals from their kitchen in Pasadena to Glendale, Burbank, Hollywood, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Orange County and the surrounding areas. Nationwide shipping will also be available soon.

This healthy meal prep service aims to prepare delicious meals which are expertly made by chefs, designed by nutritionists, weight loss coaches and professional athletes. Meal packages range from $69 - $169 and for more information about their meal options, please their website. Delivery of Muscle Up Meals is between Sunday evening and all day Monday.

Muscle Up Meals are currently offering a 20% discount for new customers with the following promo code. So go ahead, claim your discount today and try their meals. Also if you do have their meals or have eaten some recently, it would be great if you could leave a review or comment below this article to share with us what you think about the meals.

What is the secret to eternal youth? Of course it's not vampire's blood as Buffy, Angel, True Blood and The Vampires Diaries etc would have you believe and I was a big fan of Angel and Buffy as a teenager growing up in the late 90s. Can you imagine if you lived for hundreds of years and didn't age a day, living century after century? It's hard to visualise for some of us.

There are projects under way, around the globe that are working to bring such a vision to fruition. Silicon Valley is reportedly investing billions into biotech firms that are seeking to extend the life of humans considerably past the average human lifespan. The longest human life span known/confirmed was 122 years.

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