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Also please take a look at Sainsburys research in this  Guardian article about attitudes towards food, but is a sample of 5050 UK consumers sufficient to make the conclusion that, '
A generation gap in attitudes towards cooking and eating is helping to fuel the UK’s food waste mountain, ... driven by time-poor millennials who do not understand the value of the food on their plate. In contrast to savvy older consumers ... those aged 18 to 34 are preoccupied by the visual presentation of food to photograph and share on social media while failing to plan meals, buying too much and then throwing it away.'

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Professional Gains Meal Delivery

Professional (Pro) Gains is a welcome presence in the UK meal delivery sector and serves an ever growing community of people. Professional Gains has over 420 meal combinations for you to choose from and promotes a successful living ethos.

Professional Gains range of personalised meals are suitable for everyone regardless of your specific nutritional requirements. Bodybuilders, athletes, sportsmen and women, busy workers, people who want to lose weight or fat and everyday people are catered for.

Marco Hajikypri the Founder and CEO of Professional Gains has kindly answered a few questions which gives you more of an insight into Pro Gains and its ethos.  A Professional Gains video interview is also on its way.

Marco on the right hand side

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