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Over the past few years the number of healthy meal preparation and meal kit delivery services has risen. This is mostly due to the rise in demand from consumers who want to cultivate and maintain better nutrition habits.  When I first began building YouRCooK as a healthy meal solutions comparison site back in 2015, the number of meal prep services was considerably less than it is now. Presently on YouRCooK there are over 70 of these types of services from the UK and more and more are opening weekly across the country.

There are numerous benefits of having a healthy meal delivery provider make your personalised pre-prepared meals or recipe kits and have them delivered direct to your door, whether it be to your office, home or gym.  Take a look at the 10 benefits, I've come up with below.

10 Benefits of Using Healthy Meal Delivery Services

1.  Healthy Meal Preparation and Recipe Kit Services have a range of affordable meal packages and bundles on offer. Some offer a subscription based service which you can pause or cancel at any time and others allow you to order products as and when you feel you need them.

2. You can save time; food shopping and preparing and cooking meals. With the hours saved each week you can perhaps dedicate more time to other activities such as an existing or new hobby, spending more quality time with family or doing more exercise.

3. You have the option from some services to order different types of meals or meal kits - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, juices and smoothies.

Gavin Townsend at WBFF London 2015
YouRCooK would like to extend a warm welcome to Gavin Townsend and officially welcome him on board as a main ambassador of the brand.

 'Finally there is a company set up to help consumers identify which meal delivery provider to use. Measures are being made to ensure that consumers are buying their food from genuine trading companies. Consumer satisfaction is at the heart of YouRCooK and I'm happy to be a main face of this company.' - Gavin Townsend.

Gavin Townsend - Gym Being CEO

Gavin is a top personal trainer in the UK, a transformation expert, changing the lives of over 10,000 people in the past two decades.  Gavin offers nutrition and training strategies in areas from losing weight to improving sports performance — having supported over 200 professional athletes, including Team GB athletes. Very impressive!

Gavin is also the Owner and CEO of GymBeing, a UK sports clothing and supplementation brand with a superstore located in the West Midlands. Gavin also runs other multiple fitness brands.

In Gavin’s spare time, he trains and competes with Miami Pro and the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) in London and plans to compete on the world stage more with them.

To find out more about Gavin's day to day activities, visit social media platforms
YouTube, FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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