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Let us take care of all your online food ordering and shopping needs with the bespoke YouRCooK Food Hub solution. Register your interest for our service by sending us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When you email us, we will send you an online food ordering preference questionnaire to complete.  Based on the information provided we will help you select the best automated YouRCooK food ordering and delivery plan to suit the nutrition, budget and delivery needs of you and your household. Our service will help you gain back time that would have otherwise been spent on visiting multiple vendors to cater to your food ordering needs.

We aim to help you consume a varied, balanced and healthy diet without you having to repeatedly lift a finger every time you need to do your food shopping. With just one registered account to access all your food shopping channels, our solution can order any food on your behalf, including products from; grocery stores, restaurant and takeaways, meal prep and meal kit services to specialised niche products. Our YouRCooK Hub algorithm can also introduce you to new delicious food that is likely to suit your tastes and can also consolidate your shipments to fit in around your lifestyle and schedule.

Example of How The Service Works

For example, each month Sally and her family of 3 tend to (based on three meals a day for each family member/84 meals within 4 weeks);
-eat four takeaway meals a month.
-eat at a restaurant eight times a month.
-prepare/cook meals 40 times a month.
-consume pre-prepared meals 32 times a month.

Therefore Sally has to interact with multiple platforms to fulfill the food needs for her family but by using the YouRCooK Food Hub service she will be able quickly choose recipes, food and cuisine preferences, her preferred grocery stores, local restaurants and meal management services.  The YouRCooK platform will then create a bespoke food plan profile based on the food preferences of Sally and her family and will automate the food ordering from multiple vendors which she can modify and update at any time.  

Benefits of using this service

-A varied and balanced diet provided by a range of YouRCooK service partners that can be delivered efficiently by YouRCooK.
-We can introduce you to new food services based on your food preferences.
-We help you reduce food waste due to an efficient meal planning and ordering system.
-There is the option for the food to be delivered to a location of your choice, or for you to order the food from separate vendors or for you to pickup the food from a physical location.