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Salad in bowl

Digestive health and digestive issues are common problems that many of us are concerned about, they can strike at any time and really have an impact on our lives. Our digestive tract is highly sensitive to what we eat and certain things can really improve or worsen its function. It is also highly connected to our brain and can have a significant impact on our mood so having a healthy digestive tract is key to feeling great. We have billions of different bacteria living in our gut - the bacteria outnumber our human cells by 10 to 1! These bacteria help us digest food and absorb nutrients and they can become imbalanced easily which has been associated with many health conditions such as irritable bowel disorder, obesity, cancer, autism, diabetes and many other conditions. You would be right in thinking that it is quite a complex system! While there are many things that are important for digestive health such as stress management, exercise and a balanced diet there are a few things that we can include in our diet that are particularly important. So let's talk about 5 nutrients for a healthy, happy digestive tract.

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